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The Giant Pink Turkey in the Room
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To catch you up to speed if you just started watching (why did you just start watching? All of a sudden you've taken an interest in the exploits of young, barely-recognizable Carrie Bradshaw? Someone misinformed you that they'll be killing off the Maggie character in the next three episodes?), Carrie is dating this guy George now. He's rich, and they suck faces a lot harder than she ever got to with Sebastian, who we are still being asked to care about even though he is dating a girl he straight up knows is a bitch. Teens.

Carrie is preoccupied with Thanksgiving plans, which puts us in November. Carrie's mom used to put on a perfect Thanksgiving dinner for everyone and Carrie hopes to do the same. She even muses about cranberry sauce while making out with George, which he seems to find cute/sexy, rather than annoying. He keeps telling her how sexy she is, which makes him even more off-putting to me.

"Is it hot out here or is it just me?" Carrie asks George. George sees it as another opportunity to tell Carrie how hot she is, but I think we're all hoping Carrie has a fever, which she will give to everyone by cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Why is Carrie always making out in parks? This time it's Central Park, so that George can prove to her that he is really a rich city boy. He also flaunts how few cousins he has and his knowledge of the term "sous chef."

Back in high school where no one learns anything academic, everyone is speculating about Sebastian's Thanksgiving plans. Walt heard Sebastian is spending it with his mom. Sebastian wishes Carrie a "happy turkey day," and Maggie tells Carrie that Sebastian can "suck it." Was the phrase "suck it" around in the '80s? What about pairing flannel shirts over long-sleeved thermals? Maggie is decidedly in the wrong decade, and I wish nothing more than for her to be written out of it.

Carrie's friends, who are obsessed with Carrie, laugh at the notion of her cooking Thanksgiving dinner. She is, evidently, terrible in the kitchen. This is a bad omen. Also, Carrie keeps talking about how her grandma is going to be doing most of the cooking, so we know she's not showing up.

"Yup, no grandparents," Dorrit tells Carrie, as if on cue. There's a "big storm" and all the flights are canceled. Since Grandma can't make it, Tom Bradshaw's grand idea is to invite Harlan and George over (how is that a solution?). Carrie worries that she will look like a country bumpkin, or at least a suburbanite. Also, she will undoubtedly ruin Thanksgiving. Tom offers that they can order takeout, but Carrie insists she cook. Without help.

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