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Getting Exclusive

Carrie starts this episode off musing about boundaries, and she can't wait to go from Intern to Writer. All summer long, Carrie has been working on story pitches and she's feeling optimistic. She has narrowed her ideas down to just one: a story on a young playwright. Her New School writing class (oh, guess she got in) talks of nothing else. He wrote about his dead brother, which Carrie finds inspiring and Bennett suspects is manipulative. Then, some guy in a suit walks by and is like, "you are adorable" to Walt in a voice that doesn't match his age. Bennett says it sounds like Blake is asking Walt out and it puts everyone on the spot.

Meanwhile, Dorrit is ready to get down with her boyfriend Miller. Miller says he doesn't love Dorrit's twin bed, so she beckons him into Carrie's room.

Walt tells Bennett that the situation with Blake was weird for him and Bennett says, "rules are rules and I've always said we're not exclusive." Ugh, he's doing that horrible thing that straight men do where you have to go out with other people even when you'd rather not. Bennett encourages Walt to go on the date.

At Sebastian's house, where no one cares, Sebastian's dad is out of town again. I feel nothing. Back to New York!

Carrie pitches her story idea to Larissa, who says, "He's 19, he's dealt with death and he's probably gorgeous, which makes him right up your alley." Her enthusiasm for life never fades. She notes that there are pieces on him all over town, but Carrie says hers would be more of an in-depth interview. Larissa says if Carrie gets an interview she will publish it, but the playwright is notorious for not giving interviews. I'm sure Carrie will get one, practically with charm alone.

Carrie and Bennett wait in line for Adam Weaver's new play and Bennett brings up that Weaver is probably gay. Bennett says he'd work that angle anywhere short of sleeping with the subject. It becomes a challenge for who can get the story.

Back in school, where Carrie just doesn't go anymore, I hope? Walt tells Mouse of his non-exclusivity woes. Mouse encourages Walt to date other people, too. Maggie swings by and they lie and say they're talking about Sebastian. No one has anything better to do, usually, so Maggie believes it. They realize that Sebastian has also been out of school. He is at home, being sad about his daddy issues and yearning for his older lady lover.

In the play, an actress doing terrible prop work makes Carrie laugh. It's a sad part of the play, so everyone is annoyed with her. Carrie can't stop laughing, loudly, as more and more props are thrown "overboard" onto the hard stage.

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