The Road To Damascus

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Previously: Iris confessed, Stumpy lied, and I got fed up.

Sofie is lying awake in bed listening to a record. The camera moves up a little so that we can see past Sofie, and boo! Apollonia is lying in bed next to her. Eek. Sofie rolls over, sees her mother, and scrambles out of bed, gasping. Sofie runs out of the trailer.

The Carnivàle gang has apparently spent all day packing up, and is finally ready to roll out into the night. Ben finishes securing his truck, and then sees Sofie sitting in the cab. He asks, "You riding with me?" Sofie nods shakily. Ben gets in and is about to start the engine when Sofie says, "Don't. Let's just let 'em go," as the caravan starts to pull away. Ben snickers, but then Sofie says she's serious. Ben finally says, "There's something I need to do. Somethin' out that way." He looks nice here. I think he looks better in the nighttime shots because all the shadows make his head look less Cro-Magnon. He's not ugly, exactly, but he is a little odd-looking. And, of course, darkness also hides the grime. Sofie looks sad and mutters, "We could've gone anywhere." Ben starts up the truck, and off they go.

Casa de Creepy. Brother Justin is having a good-night chat with Balthus, who's in bed. Justin grumbles about how willful Iris is: "She shows absolutely no remorse. Only arrogance and hubris. It is unseemly." He sits on the edge of Balthus's bed and sighs that Iris devoted her life to Brother Justin. He takes Balthus's hand as he says, "Late at night I lie awake, and I struggle with the path I have chosen." He repeats, "I am a man of God," and says that redemption comes through sacrifice. "She must learn," he concludes, and gets up from the bed, kisses Balthus on the cheek, and exits. Once Justin is gone, Balthus turns his head to look after Justin, and sighs silently. I wonder if this will be like Spike on Season 2 of Buffy. I hope it winds up with Balthus and Ben claiming to be in a band together.

Lila is riding with the Cooch family as they play a variation on twenty questions. Libby tries to guess what person Stumpy is pretending to be. Rita Sue quietly asks Stumpy why he hasn't gotten his gambling winnings yet. Stumpy insists that he'll get the money on Monday. Rita Sue pretends to join in the game and asks, "Are you a famous liar?" Heh. Stumpy says he can't think of any famous liars. Rita Sue sniffs, "No? I can."

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