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Reunited! And It Feels So...Bleh.

Previously: Libby was full of hot air, and Scudder sailed too close to the wind.

The show opens with a shot of a Nevada State Prison work gang. Men slave away at tedious labor in a hostile land. Shout-out? The camera moves up until we see the Carnivàle's tents nearby. I guess it's a creative way to establish that they're in Nevada. But why not put them in Reno? They'd fit in really well there.

The carnies are packing up. Stumpy trails along in Samson's wake, asking where they're going next. Samson says they're headed for a Christian camp called New Canaan. Samson sums the place up: "17,000 [Bible] thumpers. Every one of them ripe to be trimmed." Except that the Christian campers are there because they have no money, but I guess Samson's keeping that part quiet. Stumpy asks what kind of show he and Rita Sue are supposed to put on for the Jesus freaks. Samson says that, in the Cooch family's case, the show must not go on. I know it's been a while since Stumpy demonstrated his mastery of the revival speech, but I don't understand why that's not an option. Stumpy protest that he needs to earn a living, but Samson just sniffs that things are tough all over and bustles away. As he crosses the camp, Samson passes Lila, who snarls, "I know what you did." Samson tells Lila, "I don't have time for this," and keeps walking, at least until Lila grabs him by the arm as she says, "Hawkins killed Lodz, and you covered it up." The correct response here would be, "Yes, and?" Instead, Samson tells Lila that she's crazy and, as he walks away, advises her to take her complaints to Management.

A long line of Okies are waiting to get into Shantyville. Apparently, the Knights of Jericho are now searching people's belongings before they let them in. One guard grabs a flask away from someone. See, Stumpy could do a medicine show here, and sell these people some liquor. Problem solved. We kill some time with establishing shots before we finally discover Jonesy and Ben carrying firewood as part of a work detail or something. I swear to you, I tried to figure out what exactly they're doing. It looks as if trucks bring in loads of firewood, and then one group of Okies unloads the trucks and spreads the wood all over the ground, and then another group collects it into a big pile. Maybe it's meant to be busywork, because it really doesn't make much sense. Can't they just unload the truck directly into the pile in the first place? Maybe that hasn't been invented yet. Anyway, Jonesy is wearing a trilby, and Ben's got a pageboy cap on. Disguises have been invented, but they're still a new concept. Jonesy asks if Ben's had any luck, and Ben complains, "Place is battened down tighter than a work-farm." Jonesy eyes some Knights of Jericho as he mutters, "For a fella who believes in heaven, that preacher is sure worried about dying." Jonesy grabs his jacket, and it seems he's heading off to meet up with the Carnivàle. Of course, Samson knows where they are, but I guess Jonesy wants to go just in case they need to see his knee to stay motivated. I'm just guessing. Jonesy frets that maybe Ben should come along. Ben says that if he leaves, he might not be able to get back into the camp. Jonesy asks Ben to wait till he comes back with reinforcements, but Ben says, "If I get a chance at him, I'm takin' it." Liar! Exit Jonesy.

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