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This Way To The Egress

Previously: Jonesy asked Ben to promise that he wouldn't do anything. Jonesy hasn't been watching the show, or he wouldn't need to ask.

Sofie carries the laundry basket into the yard of Casa de Creepy. Have you ever noticed how much laundry gets done on this show? And yet the people never get any cleaner. Sofie walks past the nearly dry clothes flapping in the early morning breeze. Hang on. She hangs the laundry out to dry overnight? I think this is our first clue that Sofie is, if not evil, mentally ill. Calliope music plays faintly in the distance, and Sofie wanders to the edge of the hill, where she gazes out at the Carnivàle tents rising in the middle of a greenscreened Shantyville. Sofie turns to look back at Casa de Creepy, and sees Apollonia standing at an upstairs window. Sofie whispers, "No."

Sofie goes upstairs and sees a shadow pass the doorway of Brother Justin's bedroom. She hurries in, but instead of her mother's ghost, she just finds her father's tattoo. Justin's getting dressed in front of the mirror, and Sofie apologizes for bursting in as he quickly finishes buttoning up his cassock. Sofie turns to leave, but Justin asks her to do him a favor. He sits down with his back to her and holds up a straight razor as he explains, "There's a loose thread on the back of my collar. It's driving me mad." Sofie takes the razor, and Justin makes quite a show of pulling his collar back and angling his neck invitingly for her. Sofie finds the thread and slices it off, and then returns the razor to Justin. Once again, she's almost to the door before Justin calls her back again. Justin stands up and gets a dramatic sting on the soundtrack as he menacingly tells her, "You really should have knocked." As Sofie turns for the door a third time, it slams shut.

Management's trailer. Ben, Jonesy, and Samson are discussing Ben's aborted attack from the previous night. Ben insists that he could have killed Justin right there, but Jonesy says that one of Justin's guards would have killed him. So Jonesy's argument is that Ben should have waited for reinforcements, right? Someone to watch his back or maybe distract the guards? That all sounds reasonable. I just don't understand why Jonesy couldn't have done those things, since he was right there. I think Ben needs better sidekicks. Samson agrees that Ben's plan wasn't nearly complicated enough to ensure his escape. Ben snaps that he doesn't care if he dies, as long as Justin's dead. Really? Does he hate Justin as a person, because Justin killed his dad? His dad that he didn't know at all? Or is this part of his getting boonified and finally knowing what's going on? This is my problem with Ben: his motives and his feelings are even less clear than Justin's.

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