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Birds Of A Feather

Previously: Ben got zapped, Libby got pissed, Samson got confused, and Scudder got kidnapped.

Lightning flashes as Brother Justin clutches his neck and stumbles through the cornfield of dreams. He falls, and tries to crawl away from his growling pursuer. Justin stops crawling as carnival music starts playing. He looks straight ahead at a spider web sparkling with droplets of water. In the center of the web is a six-pointed star. Then the web turns into the ferris wheel, with the star-shaped lights on its side.

Boo! Justin wakes up on his porch. He rubs his eyes and leans over, crying. Aw, see, Justin doesn't really want to destroy the world. He's just acting out because he has night-terrors. It'll probably turn out that he's just lactose-intolerant, too. There's a natural explanation for everything!

The Carnivàle has halted near a sign welcoming visitors to Wyoming. Aw, and I say welcome to you, expositional signage. I missed you most of all. Jonesy walks over to a truck, climbs up onto the hood and reaches in to grab...some stuff. It's apparently bits of the ferris wheel. He pulls a small bit of wood out and says, "Jumpin' Jesus." Thousands of Deadwood viewers change channels.

Osgood is helping set up camp when Jonesy comes over and asks if he was "on crosspins" yesterday. Osgood says that Samson pulled him to work on something else, and that he's not sure who took over. Osgood pointedly adds that what happened with the ferris wheel was an accident. Jonesy says, "Accident's one thing; stupid's something else."

Ben asks Samson why they're stopping. Samson claims that the vehicles and the people all need a rest, and that now that they've crossed the state line, they should be safe from any cops from "Nebrasky." He assures Ben that they're just going to take a break for one night, and set out again in the morning. He adds, "I ain't gonna lose that bet," and goes off to supervise.

Jonesy accuses Burley of replacing a broken piece of the wheel with a wooden dowel. Burley insists that he didn't do it, but Jonesy goes on berating him until Burley says, "How do you know [that] you didn't do it and forgot about it?" Fisticuffs ensue. Briefly, because after a couple of punches, Samson waves Gabe over. Gabe puts one hand Jonesy's head and one on Burley's and pushes. Burley falls to the ground while Jonesy leans against a wagon, clutching his head. Heh. I do kinda love how Jonesy runs around accusing different people of being responsible for the accident, and fully expecting them to say, "Yup, it was me," but when someone turns that around, he's enraged at the accusation. Burley tells Samson that the fight wasn't his fault, but he's so unused to having the moral high ground that he instantly adds that Jonesy has been "fuzzy-headed since he hitched up with that whore wife of his." Wow, ever since yesterday? Strong words. Jonesy lunges at Burley, of course, but is restrained by Gabe. Samson advises Burley to shut up, and Burley snarls away. Then Samson tells Jonesy that Burley's a "maroon," and tells him to forget about it.

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