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It's Like Something By Sondheim

Previously: Jonesy was tarred, Ruthie was possessed, Eleanor was oar-ed, and Sofie prayed.

It's nighttime at the Carnivàle, and a naked man is crawling around on all fours. Sure, why not? He crawls up the steps to one of the trailers and enters. He crosses the floor and raises his head. It's Lodz, naturally. Or unnaturally. He looks over the edge of the bed at a sleeping Lila. And then Lila starts to ooh and aah and gasp and pant and make it rain, except without the rain. She wakes up happily, but her smile fades when she looks down the bed at the figure hidden under the covers. Lila nervously pulls the blanket up until at last, Ruthie's smiling face is revealed. Along with her whited-out eyes. Ruthie says, "There's my buttercup." Ruthie crawls up over Lila and they kiss enthusiastically.

Ben drives down the highway. Libby, sitting next to him in the cab, looks at him raptly. Ben eventually tells her to stop staring at him because it's giving him "the creepin' willies." No, the creeping willy was in the last scene. Libby apologizes and faces the front for about two seconds before she starts peering at Ben again. Ben grumbles, "For Christ's sake." The truck is jolted by a pothole or something, and Jonesy asks why Ben's in such a rush. Ben says that he has to get them back to the Carnivàle. Jonesy asks, "Then what?" Ben says he's got stuff to do, and sighs, "Probably too late as it is." Jonesy asks if he and Libby messed up Ben's plans. Ben says, "Couldn't be helped."

A fully Lodz-ed Ruthie sits up in the bed, holding the opium pipe as Lila takes a puff. Ruthie says, "It was the boy. Ben Hawkins. He's the one who took me from you." Lila asks about Samson, and Ruthie sighs, "Covered it up." Lila's strangely unsurprised about Ben's role in this. Then Ruthie says that she (or "he," I suppose) has to go. When Lila protests, Ruthie calls her "my little clarinet," and says that it isn't practical to stay in Ruthie's body. Lila says that she doesn't care what people might say, but Ruthie says that the only thing that matters in this world is what other people think of you. She adds, "Besides, you'll be seeing me soon." Lila asks if Lodz intends to go body-snatching again. Ruthie says, "No, my dear. In the flesh." Ruthie's head nods abruptly and Lila shakes her, calling for Lodz. Ruthie opens her restored eyes and looks around, startled. After a moment she leaps out of bed, holding the blanket around her. Ruthie asks what she's doing in Lila's trailer. Lila calmly sniffs, "You were doing fine. Now you're just leaving," and tosses another blanket at her. I'm guessing this might be a sufficiently odd development for Lila to tell Samson about the message on her mirror.

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