The Blue Devils

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Sorry for Partyin'

Dude! Bro! What happened? The red team turned Jarick into a homophobe right before he was eliminated, that's what happened. They'll reap the rewards of that in Gay Heaven I'm sure. Oh, and we can't forget how the blue team shoved all those sandwiches into the muck water. I certainly haven't. I've been thinking about it all week, and I'm pretty sure I had nightmares that the blue team came over to my apartment and threw my sandwiches into the mud.

Rob and Jacob, the red team, did a pretty good job as the hunt team, especially because they nearly took out the pink team. They did an even better job at making seven-foot tall Jarick feel very small, and defensive. Before he left, Jarick told the teams to look out for the "Blue Devils" and he obviously meant the blue team. Then, everyone started calling them the blue devils at camp. Eric and Shane are shocked, they have never been hated so openly. Disparaged between lines of coke in the ladies' bathroom, sure, but never just called out to their faces.

No one hates the blue team more than the gold team, Oregon brothers Nick and Chris. Instead of sleeping, they spent all of the night before fantasizing about being the Hunt Team and capturing the blue team. This time, it's personal, they said. No one wastes food in Oregon. Ryan and Erica, the purple team, were also particularly butthurt about the sandwich melodrama. Maybe you can't really get mad until you consume several packets of mayo out of desperation. Erica was hungry, and told Ryan (who had to be told not to eat a sandwich off the ground) she can't and won't get over it. Even though she's hungry, she hates not winning. What do they say about women scorned? That they're not nearly as bad as a woman hungry, I think.

The teal team, our British twins Jade and Nikita were getting annoyed by Erica's harping on Sandwich-Gate. The black team was worried because they formed an alliance with the blue team, not being able to foresee how much everyone would hate them. We always do this, don't we, ladies? We seek out the worst men available to us, then continue crawling into bed with them every night because we need a warm body to sleep next to and it's better than nothing and hopefully they won't try to eliminate us ... or something.

For the next hunt, Luke said there would be another advantage point. This time, the members of the selected target team will each have to wear a 20-pound weight belt for day two of the hunt. It's not as good as the alarm vest feature, but it's something.

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