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Subterranean Sandwiches

Now that we know how the game works, it’s time to get to know the teams. Maybe we’ll even meet that twelfth team this time. They must have hidden so well from the hunt team in that first episode that even host Luke Tipple couldn’t find them. Before they were eliminated, that whiny girl from the yellow team suggested that the teams not trust anyone. A little dramatic for week one of a game that relies pretty heavily on physical ability, I thought.

The teams all emerged from a restless night in freezing cold weather before the second hunt began. They were hungry and whiny. Maybe Luke Tipple will throw in some temptations along the way. The neighbors of the red team told us that their food (almonds and oatmeal) is rationed out by body weight so it’s the smallest amount they need to keep going throughout the day. Hahaha, that is so shitty. I’m eating a taquito right now, suckas.

"I want more," the British twins said in an non-ironic impression of Oliver Twist. Jarick, of the silver team, said he would use the prize money to help kids. He mentioned something about how he used to be chubby until he took up football and wrestling, and now he helps kids? You don’t have to make sense to have a good body, I guess.

The teams suited up for the hunt, and that douche from the blue team (wait, they’re both douchebags) still managed to have perfectly coiffed douche hair. James and Rebecca of the lime team said that this time, their game plan is to not get caught. That’s a good game plan, they should have used it last time. Luke Tipple revealed the first bit of flavor to the game: an advantage.

The first team "clever enough" to find it can secure an advantage to sabotage another team. It will trigger an alarm that sounds on the vest of the other team for the duration of the day’s hunt. Oh man, that sucks, I wonder if anyone is clever enough. Luke tipple is also opening up a supply station "somewhere in the forest" where teams can find comfort items and some food. That would be a good spot to capture a team, I bet. I hope this week’s hunt team has seen The Hunger Games.

This week’s hunt team, selected at random, was the red team. Rob and Jacob are the gay neighbors and everyone is afraid of them because they probably spend a lot of time at the gym. I find it interesting that we still haven’t met that last team. Way to go, Ready for Love producers.

Finally, we met the white team: Matt and Kaliesha. They are boyfriend and girlfriend, they both like boxing, and Kaliesha is absolutely terrifying. She was coming on strong and hard. She doesn’t care about pain, and she is probably going to murder Matt at some point in her life. I like them already, but mostly because I fear them and I don’t want Kaliesha to beat me up.

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