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At The Oyster Bar, Melanie is with her sleeping grandpa again. She has another argument with Jeff and it's actually kind of cute. Sasha shows up in disguise. Melanie says that she can't stay at her grandpa's because they have installed a chair lift and he'll be sleeping where she was. She can't stay at Boo's because her mother has gone to a very dark place. She can't stay at Ginny's mom's real estate listing because it's now in escrow. Go Ginny! Where will she stay?

Michelle watches a copy of the wedding video that Fanny left for her. He says that he predicts that Fanny will one day love Michelle more than he loves her. He says that she has no idea how great she is. Hmm. That's probably true. Michelle returns, still super drunk, in the video and moves to the altar with Hubbell. She says, "Hi pal!" and hugs him, which is very sweet.

Sasha has decided that Michelle's place at Fanny's is where she should stay. Who should show up shortly after she gets there? That cute boy who she met at the ER. This would not be met with approval by anyone. They're really cute together though. She says that she learned a lot at the Joffrey. The girls were a little competitive but she had read The Art of War. Damn. She says that she learned things, which is appropriately vague as that first meeting with the adult world can be. It's funny too, you can be in the arts when you are a kid and it can seem like a perfect complement to childhood. Like Fanny's studio -- what could be a better place to practice a little rigor and learn to be a better person? But what can seem like an intuitive move to the next level can bring you face to face with stuff that is so completely worlds apart from what you've known. I guess that is just life but I feel like that can be a little more intense in the dance world sometimes.

Anyway, she and this cute boy talk some more. He jokes about taking a bath because he is standing next to the bathtub, but he didn't really mean it. Her black hoodie disguise makes him ask if she's going to rob him. She says that she's just keeping a low profile. She tells him that it's good to see him as she moves closer to him. That's good he says, or all of the emails that she sent would seem weird.

They are about to kiss when, yep -- you guessed right, Michelle walks in. There's a frozen look between her and Sasha -- it looks like somebody's about to get a good scolding. Then, Sasha runs to her and embraces her. Michelle melts and says, "Hey, kid." Then, she motions for the cute boy to get the hell out of there.

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