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You Can Mace If You Want To

At the magic show, Michelle gets reprimanded for bringing a really large dude into the disappearing box. She explains that he was the only person in the audience who wasn't claustrophobic. The magician says that she has had a little bit of attitude but he gives her some latitude because they are both artists. She tells him that his "Do Want To See Something?" catchphrase is redundant because people are already attending the show. Also, he says "Do you wanna see something?" so he's not even saying what's on the sign. Well, Michelle, you're not really helping yourself. The magician is offended and tells her that he doesn't want her to hold the bird in the show anymore. He's actually pretty sweet and doing the best he can. Michelle shouldn't be so rude to him. He does this really funny bit where he says that he's gonna put some speakers in the car, then some other speakers, then some other stuff... then change. Then, he's gonna take his wife (the other assistant) out to dinner because she does what she's supposed to like a champ. Sounds fair to me.

Later, she storms into Talia's and starts eating hummus. It's Rick's. She forgot that it was going to be their special night. She rants about her fight at work and Talia just grabs Rick and takes him back to her bedroom. Michelle sits with a beer and a bottle of wine and hears from outside the wafting strains of her viral video hit.

Truly is finished hanging curtains and Fanny says that she likes them, though she's not looking at them. She finds the wedding video of Hubbell and Michelle. Damn, she's drunk. It's pretty funny, she's knocking crap over and interrupting the wedding to go to the bathroom while he's talking to the cameraman about how special she is. Fanny seems almost convinced.

The next thing we see is Michelle at work. She looks into the audience and sees Fanny. She leaves the stage and goes directly over. She says it's fine since she's no longer holding the bird. She found her by going to Talia's and talking to Rick. She suggests that she bring hummus home. Also, they apparently talked about Michelle's "hoo ha" and I don't know why that would ever come up in conversation with a stranger. Fanny keeps sending her martini back. Apparently, the mixology in Paradise just spoils you. Michelle is really angry with Fanny, but Fanny tells her that she should come home. Michelle says that there's nothing holding them together. Fanny insists that they are family and are permanently connected. Fanny admits to being angry with Michelle for the macing and Michael leaving, but Hubbell loved her and she wants to honor his feelings. She leaves Michelle, who now seems a little humbled and pensive.

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