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Melanie and Ginny are at The Oyster Bar together lamenting that they have had no ballet all summer. They're worried that they are going to have to take gym at school in the fall because they won't have notes from Madame Fanny to get out. Speak of the devil, she walks in and says hello to the girls. They are very... tight-lipped? It's like they are afraid to talk to her. She asks about Boo and Sasha, who has a couple of weeks left at the Joffrey.

Suddenly, Jeff brings a giant platter of fried apps. Everything looks like it's the same color. Fanny tells them to relax. She knows it's the summer and time to eat junk food. When she's leaving, the girls ask about Michelle. She says that Michelle left a forwarding address and she's fine. Boo storms in with something important to say. Melanie asks her about the package and Boo says, "Screw the package!" Ginny scolds her and she apologizes. She is afraid to mention what it is that is upsetting her when Jeff comes by and calls her superstar and asks for her autograph, facetiously.

Meanwhile, Talia is watching something on her computer mouth agape. Michelle walks in and Talia quickly turns off what it is that she's watching. Michelle asks her what's going on. She watches plenty of Law & Order and knows suspicious behavior when she sees it. Finally, she shows her. There's a video mash-up of Boo giving an interview about The Nutcracker macing called "It's Time To Dance." A million people have viewed it! FYI, I hope everyone is checking their atomizer before administering these days.

At Boo's house, Boo and Melanie are sitting around as Ginny is digging into a chocolate cake. She didn't order more food after Fanny left because she feels like she would have known. Apparently, chocolate cake is not in her ESP purview. Boo's mom forlornly stumbles in and grabs something from the fridge. When she's gone, Boo goes to the closet and brings out... Sasha! She says that Boo has the worst smelling broom closet ever. Is she the package? They're about to watch the video when Boo's mom comes back. She thinks maybe she'll read a book? She's about to go insane from her bed rest. She leaves and Sasha is back out. The video has two million hits! Sasha has been there for a week. She doesn't want to go home because things are weird between her parents. So, she went to the Joffrey? She just doesn't want to spend time with her folks. Boo's mom is back AGAIN and Boo's little brother has made a mess.

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