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You Can Mace If You Want To
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The last time we saw these guys, Michelle had maced all of the dancers at The Nutcracker. She left in disgrace. But things are looking up. Here she is overseeing the kids dancing to "It's Oh So Quiet." I'd like to point out that we have a dancer of color on the premises, so that's nice. Sasha and Boo are performing a combination with two other girls when Ginny and Melanie pop up beside Michelle (who is watching the dance with her face really close to the mirror -- it's a nice effect) and tell her that they need her to show them the next step. She's like, "Fine." She doesn't get as much joy from dancing as you would hope, this Michelle. Still, she performs the chorus jazz stuff expertly. Then, when it's back to the quiet verse, she stumbles around in pain as the four girls return with a ballet combination. Suddenly, the camera backs up and we see that Madame Fanny is watching this performance on TV. It was taped. I wondered about Sasha. Isn't she at the Joffrey? The dance ends with a grimacing Michelle in the middle of all of the jazz handing dancers.

Fanny is watching the dance with a mix of sadness and admiration when she hears something break. It's Truly. Also, her house is a mess. Truly has tangled herself up in plastic tarp and tape accidentally because she is very excited about the design of Fanny's kitchen. She had a vision involving gerbils and she woke up in the middle of night and feverishly put together a miniature version of her vision kitchen in a cardboard box. So, Truly seems to suffer from some sort of manic pathology. I mean, there's electricity in this box. Fanny doesn't know what she wants though. She tells Truly that she feels like everything in her life should change, especially after this helluva year. I hear ya. 2012 was the PITS. Anyway, Truly hugs her and Fanny asks if she has ever been blonde.

Ginny is wearing her mom's real estate uniform and is showing a young couple around an open house. Ginny is gangbusters. She suggests that it is best to have the crappiest house on a nice street and the couple is lucky because they are definitely in the crappiest house. Boo phones her while she's making English muffin pizzas and watching after screaming children. Apparently, her mother is pregnant again. Boo's life is going to get considerably harder. She has to babysit, her mom is on bed rest, her dad is canceling the movie channels on cable and she's going to have to reduce her hours at The Oyster Bar. Ginny agrees, Boo's life sucks. Ginny is working the open house because her dad is getting remarried and her mother is handling it poorly. Boo's mom comes out and is tone deaf about how wretched Boo's life is about to get. She's so psyched about bed rest. She says she's finally going to get to see the finale of Friends. She's going to be let down by that.

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