There's Nothing Worse Than A Pantsuit

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Just In Time... For A Pre-Meeting

We begin with the girls doing tour jetes across the floor. Michelle tells Ginny to straighten her shoulders and Ginny tells her to show her what she means, but she says that she's not falling for that again. Sam and Sal show up early for Sam's tap class, but also to talk about the meeting that Michelle will have to attend about the approval of the amphitheater. Of course Milly couldn't be the only obstacle. She also gets a call from Talia who says that she is going to visit Paradise. She says that she has something big to tell Michelle. She tells the girls how excited she is, but I can't imagine that they care very much.

At the Oyster House, the girls are torturing poor Jeffrey the waiter again. They want fries but they're not on the special menu. Special because they are at a fundraiser for the Surfers United Retirement Fund. Carl gets some fries and burgers for the girls. Ginny talks about auditioning for Bells Are Ringing at school, but the girls don't even respond because she says that every year about the big musical and never actually auditions. Boo and Carl are making out and Sasha is deeply involved in a text exchange with Roman (who is merely sitting across the room) and Ginny is feeling left out. She tells Melanie that prom is going to be them standing at the punch bowl while Boo and Sasha have all the fun. Melanie is excited about the prospect because it means that she won't have to get a dress or get pressured for sex. Ginny kind of wanted to get pressured. Cozette shows up with pictures of Melanie at roller derby and drops that she and Frankie spent a summer on Annie Leibovitz's yacht.

The next morning, Milly surprises Michelle to tell her that TAFTPOKIRIP (The Association For The Preservation Of Keeping It Real In Paradise) meeting is going to be bad news. Michelle can hardly hear her because she wants to know how Milly got into the studio without setting off the alarm (I guess she just expects Sasha to know how to disable the alarm -- she's been in there after hours a ton) and Milly responds, "Please, Michelle, I own property." Next, Michelle becomes a Marxist. I kid! For now. Milly reveals that she and The Edge used to carpool. It's cloudy. Milly wants to schedule a meeting before the meeting that TAFTPOKIRIP.

The poor house plant in Sasha's apartment, hopefully that's water in the mug instead of coffee (this is what happens without adult supervision, growth-stunting coffee consumption) that she can't keep herself from tossing on the plant each morning. She apologizes to the plant. Roman is there when she opens the door. He asks who she was talking to and calls Martha Stewart weird when Sasha says she recommends talking to your plants. This will never work if he's going to talk smack about Martha. He wants to drive her to school. She's all Anthony Hopkins from Remains of the Day and doesn't know how to accept human kindness but eventually relents. Later, he suggests that they have lunch together, which is huge.

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