The Astronaut and the Ballerina

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That night, Scotty gets a key from Michelle at the dance studio. She's pissed. She says that he told her ukulele was lost. But, it wasn't. He plays it off, but she's not having it. She says that he is undermining her. She says that Paradise is her home now and she has worked hard for it, but he says she just got drunk and married a guy. Low. He also reminds her that she's living in a guest house. Oh? We're measuring stability in square footage now, she asks? "What's your square footage, Scotty? Enjoying the six square feet of my couch?" Nice one. I'm really feeling this right now. He reminds her that she dated his best friend in high school and he stopped talking to Scotty when they broke up. Scotty can't even get his name right though. Michelle says that he never takes responsibility for anything. She blames him for not making sure that she graduated high school. We find out that their mother is sort of another child. Michelle hasn't talked to her in twelve years. It gets really heated and she says that she is focused on making her life what she wants it to be. "I can do this," she says before walking out.

Next we see Michelle sitting and strumming her ukulele when Scotty joins her. Without looking at him, she starts playing "Tonight You Belong To Me" a standard made super famous by Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters in The Jerk- another Carl Reiner reference there. It's really beautiful and mournful. Man, I love these performers. I think I have every cast recording that Hunter Foster has been a part of. I'm trying not to bleed my obsession with Sutton Foster all over. I mean, I seriously think I might be her biggest fan. Anyway, this is a really lovely moment. They finish the song and look forward, seemingly aware and afraid that their relationship is going to have to change a lot.

We finish with Jordan, alone, talking to himself like he talks to his students. And, it's either making him worse or his confidence has been shaken by Boo. Either way, he's not landing his moves, poor guy. Finally he hits it, but he tells himself that he will be better after a banana. I'll just have a juice box.

Jeff Long is a writer/performer in Brooklyn. He can be reached at jeff.long75@gmail.com and followed on Twitter at @jblong.

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