The Astronaut and the Ballerina

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Scotty shows up to watch Michelle teach a class. He makes fun of her being in authority and she's a little annoyed. "Four turns are not better than three if you fall, dude," she offers to one student. Advice we should all adhere to. She gives a correction to Cozette and... I don't know what happens? Maybe she's so not used to not being perfect that she completely turns into an alien? She's gets right up in Michelle's face like she can't understand what she's saying, then she repeats the move, perfectly this time.

After class, she asks who Cozette is. They tell her that Frankie is her brother, which she finds weird. Then, she introduces Scotty to everyone. He asks what kind of teacher she is. He tells them all that Michelle hated her ballet teacher when she was a little girl and tried to mimic some movie where a ballerina sabotages her teacher. Michelle is not amused.

At roller derby, Frankie and Cozette give Melanie her roller derby name, Cleo-Smacktra. Heh. At ballet, Boo and Carl argue about who is going to take care of the brats. Apparently there was a fight earlier where Beaver convinced Boo that Carl called her doo-doo head. We weren't there, so I guess we'll never know the truth. You can see Jordan being really horrible to the dancers in the background. They start working, even though Boo wanted to stretch first. He yells at this little girl named Margaret, who has the saddest sweetest face in the whole world. He tells her not to look weak because Baryshnikov never looked week, not even in Sex and the City. Awesome. Boo cuts in and tells Jordan to back off. It's such a great rant. She treats him like a little boy and tells him that he's getting a time out. She effectively flattens him. Her phone rings and it's Ginny. Melanie isn't at the photo shoot and we see Faye Mendelsohn jumping on a trampoline in the background and Ginny is hysterical. When class resumes, Jordan is completely nice.

Melanie is getting knocked around when she sees Ginny show up. Her dress is ruined. Apparently, Claire showed up and threw fruit punch on everyone. Melanie apologizes but says that she's freaking out because she's flunking out of school and roller derby makes her feel better. Ginny tells her that she should have been at the photo shoot. She finds out that Cozette gave her the flier for roller derby and charges her. She tells her to stay away from them. She also drops that she doesn't know why Cozette knows Mitch Alvarado, which is awesome. Man, I love Ginny. This girl has got the goods. Before she stomps out, she turns to the ever-present Frankie and screams that she's Norwegian.

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