The Astronaut and the Ballerina

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We begin with Jordan directing a combination at the studio. He hates what he's seeing and tells them that they killed Baryshnikov. It's really difficult watching Kent Boyd be mean. I think of him as Cinderella's golden retriever puppy that got turned into a boy dancer and she's still at the ball. Michelle comes in as he expertly shows them the combination again. He tells Boo to be smaller and Matisse that if she doesn't focus, her life will be a series of alcoholic boyfriends. Hey, at least someone told her. Some people don't even have dance class. Michelle steps in at this point. She and Jordan proceed to argue about his methods as Ginny and Boo and Matisse and another little girl kvetch about the dictator. Melanie is missing and Sasha is apartment hunting, though it appears she already found one. Maybe she's just handling the red tape? Packing? Or maybe Ginny is just getting text alerts. Then Boo gets a phone call. A TV has fallen over but we don't know if it fell on someone. Also, she's risking life and limb by talking on the phone in Jordan's class. Even I know what a faux pas that is. Suddenly, he notices Boo. She throws her phone to the side. Also, we hear the screams of young dancers locked in the closet. Jordan is kind of amazing? He shows the dancers one more combination which ends with a forward flip ending in a sitting position. Ginny half-asses her and does a somersault thing to end up in the ending position. It's pretty funny.

And, we're at the roller derby. Lots of girls roughing each other up on the rink. Melanie is watching wide-eyed from the side. The leader goes over to her. She has been watching for two days. Does she want to try it? Sure, she says. Later, she meets her dad for dinner. He has a lot of college materials for her to peruse, but she's not interested. Ginny and her mother show up and Mel's dad says that her mom has a cold and couldn't make it, which appears to be a lie. Maybe she just doesn't like to hang out with Ginny's mom. Understandable. She apparently wouldn't let the valet dudes park her car and she asks the waiter for a drink called a "Gay Marine." Ginny reminds her that it's a Chinese restaurant, so she's just gonna have some white wine. Claire gets on the subject of Ginny's dad getting remarried. Apparently, Melanie and family are going. Claire finally gives her keys to the valet guys. Ginny shows Melanie her bridesmaid dress, which is lame because Faye Mendelsohn doesn't like Ginny's boobs. Mel apologizes for being unavailable (though she doesn't mention roller derby) and Ginny waters down her mother's wine.

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