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So Who Is Hearing About A Vicuna For the First Time?
ed into having to care for her old lady neighbor. You know, it's cruel, but it's also really good advice. Afterwards, Scotty and Michelle head to Burning Man. She sleeps while he drives.

Fanny has a dinner meeting at her house with Milly. Fanny tries to smooth things over. She explains that art is not democratic. Milly says that she can do whatever she wants. They argue over whether money or bread is the staff of life. Milly says that people don't like her because she has money, while Fanny says it's because she acts like she's always right. They get to the bottom of things and Milly wants to be perceived as someone who knows a lot about the arts. Fanny agrees to bolster he image as a master of the arts if she leaves the creative stuff to Fanny. Agreement reached!

Once everyone has left her party, Roman knocks on Sasha's door. He heard that she was having a party, but she didn't invite him. He didn't even know she had her own apartment. She didn't tell him because she didn't want there to be any pressure regarding all of the alone time that they would have. She didn't want him to think her apartment would be a "Big Parent-Free Sex Palace." They scream at each other, but still end up making a date for that Friday. CUTE.

Michelle wakes up in Scotty's car. They are a diner and Scotty says that he has to run an errand. She follows him into the diner and sees that their mother is there. They are in Sacramento. Michelle is furious. She hasn't spoken to her mom in a dozen years. She sits in the booth behind her mother. She comments on everything her mother says, including scoffing at her mom having a 35-year old boyfriend. Scotty makes an oceanography comment as a jab about Michelle dating Godot. It turns out that Scotty is his mother's guardian in order to get out of a real estate deal and now Scotty has to sign for her to get a new apartment. Lolita Davidovich is the mom and she is fantastic. Michelle calls her Shania Twain at one point and it's kind of fitting. As they are leaving, Mom calls out to Michelle, who stops and looks at her silently. Mom says that she just wanted to see her face (a face which she apparently was obsessed with in an unhealthy way per the last episode) and Michelle walks out.

Later, at Michelle's place, Scotty is ready to leave. She tells him to warn her before he gets married again. Inside, she finds Sasha asleep on her couch. Michelle lies on her bed without taking off her boots even and the camera pans over to Sasha, who looks almost identical to her at this point.

Jeff Long is a writer/performer in Brooklyn. He can be reached at jeff.long75@gmail.com and followed on Twitter at @jblong.

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