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Keeping It "Real" In Paradise
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Michelle drank coffee from a gas station, because she is incapable of making coffee and because Fanny can only drink her tea from a rusty watering can she found on the ground. Michelle and Fanny both got boyfriends, about whom I'm guessing we'll hear nothing this episode, as is the fashion these days. Bunheads-wise, Sasha is losing her mind, Boo has a new fella every episode, Ginny broke up with her gay boyfriend for no reason, and we never did get to see the Ginger Rogers dance.


Everybody in the new Paradise Coffee Shoppe is reading Fifty Shades Of Grey, even little kids. Effortless, timely and raucous, the comedy in this comedy.

Michelle: "I hate waiting for coffee, don't you? Too bad I am incompetent and cannot make my own."
Lady: "Everyone gets their coffee from this coffee shop you have never heard of because the barista is so good. His name is Bash, short for Sebastian, and I bet you one million fucking dollars that he is played by Sean Gunn. Please stop talking to me."
Michelle: "So he's been away from town at a coffee-making competition this whole show and now he's back, huh? That is a very Bunheads explanation."
Teen: "Please don't talk to me. People these days don't want to hear a crazy drunk lady talking, they just want to read and have their coffee."

Michelle pulls out a book, one of the trade papers, and immediately starts yelling at everybody about whatever she read in there. Sean Effing Gunn appears, as I suppose we all knew he would eventually. Dressed as someone from the Emerald City, of course, because when you're ripping off a single one-note joke about baristas that wasn't even true twenty years ago when people started making the joke, a fedora is a must. And the chinstrap beard, of course. Creating the illusion of a chin.

Sean Gunn makes a peace sign in the lady's foam, got it. Sean Gunn is not amused by Michelle's disdain for the names of the sizes of coffee you can get at Starbucks, although by all rights -- as a time-traveler from the film Singles, which came out in theatres when you and me and most of the people watching this were children, and in which this joke would not have been out of place -- he should probably fall down shitting himself with laughter, got it. Sean Gunn doesn't want to take Michelle's order because he is pretentious about coffee, got it. Got it, got it, got it.

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