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The Birds and the Bunheads

Michelle goes outside and Ginny follows her. She asks Michelle how her audition went. She says it was fine, then she notices that Ginny is crying. Ginny's banana's name is Frankie. She slept with Frankie. Michelle says that she didn't know that Ginny was dating Frankie and she says that she isn't, in fact, dating him. Frankie doesn't date, she says. He just exists with the rest of humanity. Michelle says that she doesn't know what that means, but neither does Ginny. She can't understand most of what he says. That is, when he's talking at all. "He's just so beautiful." Oh my gosh, this breaks my heart. She did it last week and hasn't seen him since. He hasn't called. She's not sure that he knows her name. She wrote him a thank you note. She reads it to Michelle and it's really clinical. She says that she's an idiot and Michelle says that she isn't. She thinks that he's never going to talk to her again. She repeats that he was so beautiful and Michelle holds her tight and doesn't say anything.

We close with the loveliest dance routine, all around the studio, to "Makin' Whoopee." Girls in demure '50s bobbysoxer outfits, but precocious and sexy, bathed in red light. Ginny features heavily, along with Cozette, and it's perfect. It ends with Ginny having slid under some dude's bent back with a spotlight on her smiling face. I love that this ended on a sex positive note. In general, I think that this show is about sweetness and regret and our non-stop dance around the two. I sincerely hope we see another season.

Jeff Long is a writer/performer in Brooklyn. He can be reached at jeff.long75@gmail.com and followed on Twitter at @jblong.

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