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The Birds and the Bunheads

Michelle gets inside for the dance call to the tune of "On Broadway." The girls sneak through the back and spy on the audition. The call begins with a guy saying yes or no, based on look, to everyone standing in a line. Michelle makes it through, while the girls are holding their breath nearby. Finally, like fifty people or so remain. The choreographer teaches a combination. The girls think that it looks easy and Boo steps onto the floor. The others join her. We see a girl near Michelle ask another dancer at which count a kick comes and the dancer lies, but Michelle corrects her. That's some karma that was flying around there.

The combination begins and Michelle kills it and the girls have a really good time too. Afterwards, Boo tries to join the next part of the audition, but they stop her. Sasha and Boo argue about it. The argument ends with Boo saying that she will wait to have sex, just like she planned. Meanwhile, Michelle is dancing in a smaller group and does well again. Just her and another person are asked to stay and sing.

The girls continue to hide from Michelle. When Michelle goes to the accompanist with her song, he stops her. "No Hathaway." Apparently, everyone is doing "I Dreamed A Dream," which I think has been a no-no since the late '80s, but maybe it has seen a resurgence. Seth Rudetsky is the accompanist and he's a really funny guy. He talks her into singing "If My Friends Could See Me Now" and it's awesome. The girls are watching and lamenting that the producers aren't even looking at her. They thank her and go for their bathroom break. Outside, Seth tells her that she was terrific. Then, some dancers enter. The show has already been cast and the open call was required by Equity. He says that he would love to have her in one of his showcases but he can't find his card and he has to go back into rehearsal. Then the door is closed in her face. Poor Michelle. The girls watch her drive away.

Milly meets with Truly. She tells her that she can re-open Sparkles in one of her buildings. She doesn't have to pay rent for the year. She also apologizes to Milly for ruining the first incarnation of Sparkles. Scotty shows up with something for Milly from Fanny and both Truly and Milly make some serious eyes at him. Looks like that sisterly reunion is short-lived.

Michelle returns to the studio to find Fanny having a sex talk with the girls using some of the oldest teaching aids ever. Like, our bodies have evolved since these were made. She tells Fanny that she will handle it herself, but Fanny's not having it. She passes out bananas to the class. This is bad. She tells them to name their bananas. A name that they have positive feelings about.

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