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The Birds and the Bunheads
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We begin with Michelle in bed. She has company! It's Godot and he's still sleeping. She looks on his brawny form with admiration, pushes down the covers a bit then takes a pic with her phone. I didn't really know that I could admire her more. I know that now. Meanwhile, Fanny is back in the US and finds Scotty sleeping on her couch. She doesn't know Scotty, so she grabs some sort of Hindi sculpture and stalks towards him and scares him awake. She demands that he get out. He says that Michelle told him where she keeps her key. So, she barges into Michelle's place and finds her in bed with Godot. She says that he's a child who wears flip-flops in public. You know, Godot isn't the absolute youngest person in that town. Exactly how old do they want Michelle to date? I mean, mentally, she's not that far ahead and I'm not even insulting. The arts keep you young. Or immature. I bet she has never bought her own microwave. Scotty comes in and Michelle didn't know that he was going to be there. Fanny insists that they find Godot's pants, but that proves very difficult.

The girls insult Ginny's banner welcoming Fanny home. They don't think that Frankie is doing a very good job teaching her how to draw. Michelle insults the banner too, thinking it's welcoming home Tranny. Fanny comes in to applause from the girls. She was on a yoga retreat or something. Truly comes in and tells Fanny that Sparkles is officially closed. She calls herself a loser. Michelle tells Fanny that she would like to join class, which gets a laugh from Fanny but also permission.

Later Roman brings a letter to Sasha at the studio. She apparently demanded that he write a letter detailing his past sexual exploits. She got the idea from Anna Karenina which is the most on the nose thing that her character has ever done. It's perfect. She thanks him and sends him on his way. Next, she's at a slumber party at her apartment with the girls debating the veracity of the letter. Sasha thinks that it's only about sixty percent true. Carl apparently didn't take the assignment seriously and gave her a comic book. Excuse me, graphic novel. Ginny laments that her drawings aren't as good and she wants to keep Frankie interested. Sasha is really frustrated that Carl didn't complete the assignment. She thinks that the answers are very important. After everyone is asleep, Sasha and Boo do face masks. Sasha says that she thinks that they should have sex now, instead of waiting. She's going to make a whole plan of it.

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