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The King In Yellow

I'm not saying this episode is that, exactly. I'm just saying there are four more episodes after this one.


Sasha bitches at everybody for a while, and then decides they should climb up the side of her house and into a window, and everybody is snotty right back to her because of all their made-up problems they're having, and Sasha tries some various strategies. The last one, a jump which Ginny videotapes, involves Sasha accidentally dropping through the car's ragtop by her ass. Everybody laughs, but again: Was it a ragtop convertible a second ago when she climbed it? Is she aware of what parents drive? Is she aware of what cars are? Yes, no, and apparently no. On the other hand, I think I was confused before: They have until 6 AM to wait until they can just turn off the alarm, so they're going to end up sleeping outside. That makes a lot more sense. I've actually done that one. My bad.


Michelle: "Remember that James Bond movie where she died of having her pores clogged by gold? That's going to be me, with ATM cupcake frosting."
Talia: "We used to have so much fun before you moved to a town for no reason and stayed there for no reason."

The only useful thing I did during my recent vacation was teach myself to sing the theme song from Goldfinger like the lead singer of the band Goldfinger. I never thought I would have a good enough reason to share that information with you. But now? Fuck it. Why justify anything, ever again?

Michelle: "Hey, remember that time we defiled a synagogue?"
Talia: "I know! Good birthday. Remember that time we commandeered an aircraft carrier and drove it to Applebees?"
Michelle: "That's right! Because we had a coupon for both. Remember that birthday we drank a lunatic's spittle all night and then ate cupcakes?"
Talia: "Yeah! That was a good one. Not, you know, George Clooney good, but..."
Michelle: "Oh, George. He knows what's best for everyone."
Talia: "Even himself."

Talia: "What's it like getting older?"
Michelle: "I wouldn't know. I act out."
Talia: "Let's talk more about cupcakes and eat more cupcakes."
Michelle: "They're sweet. Cupcakes."
Talia: "Not to mention your Unexpected Life! I'm jealous."
Michelle: "I'm jealous of the life I was going to have here, for those six hours."

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