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The King In Yellow

Josh: "Why were you so scared?"
Girls: "We thought you were Sasha."
Josh: "Why are you scared of Sasha? Oh, right."
Ginny: "Oh, my boyfriend Josh. The redhead. Who now has black hair."

Did I make up the ginger part? Redheaded vegetarian? Why would I make that up? I mostly date redheaded vegetarians, it's true, but I don't think that's it. I would never ever date a Josh. Those guys are trouble. And besides, I can tell the difference between myself and Ginny from Bunheads with near-unerring accuracy.

...EW! But of all Joshes, this one is the worst. He has brought four pink giftbags filled with girls-night crap, which he lists -- "cucumber eyemasks, pop 'em in the freezer" -- and it's all very confusing and horrible, and then Sasha reappears and demands her giftbag, and everybody gushes about how great a boyfriend Josh is. I guess teenage girls really do just want to date gay guys. I guess that's a real thing. I can barely do it, so I guess somebody had to.

Sasha pushes her pain way down, and gets the girls motivated.


Truly: "I look like a hooker!"
Michelle: Calls her like a dog.

Truly is, of course, dressed like a woman for once. She looks gorgeous, of course.

Truly: "Are you sure you're not hazing me?"
Talia: "You look so pretty!"
Truly: "Thanks, whatever, but Michelle? I really need your approval right now."
Michelle: "Meh."
Truly: "Okay, fine. I'm still desperate and excited! Your pointlessly aggressive and continuous mistreatment of me doesn't cause a single eyelash to bob. I guess it's true what they say, I know what's best for everybody but myself."

I thought she was the Sookie but it might be worse than that. She's not the Lane by any stretch, but she may well be the Kirk. Or some unholy admixture of the two. The only thing worse than Sookie would be extra Sookie, or a Sookie-Kirk hybrid. Kookie. Ugh.


I guess now we're at a carnival. Charlie meets the girls, and they bitch about how they've been waiting for them, and it's all very unconvincing.

Boo: "I'm so in love with Charlie. He's very convincing as a real person."
Sasha: "Cute."

They go into a carnival tent, which is where a movie is happening, and Charlie yells at her because the seats are nearly full, and Boo whines because she's going to end up sitting near someone who is not great, which is anybody besides these three girls, because she is codependent and shy.

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