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The King In Yellow

Michelle: "Please stop asking vague questions about my birthday so I have to keep being vague about what we're doing."
Talia: "Oh, this teddy-bear coat is actually a cloak. A teddy-bear cloak."

They discuss how much fun they have on Michelle's birthday, including one time she kissed George Clooney -- yep -- and Truly awesomely admits that her last birthday involved a trip to Colonial Williamsburg with Fanny: "Got a bonnet."

There's more gorgeous Truly awkwardness -- she is really finding all the colors here -- and she finally bulldozes Michelle into inviting her along tonight. It's a fairly delightful scene, actually, but mostly because of the performances. She's wiggly and weird and twitchy and funny and desperate and sometimes she holds up a teddy-bear head and lets it talk. I just swung right around on old Truly, I did. For now.


Dad: "[Yells vaguely gay things.]"
Mom: "Come over here and say that to my face!"
Ginny, awesomely: "Oh I hope he doesn't come over here and say that to her face."

Sasha ushers them in, past a cloud of stereotypical gay shit we don't need to talk about, and they run upstairs. Instead of leaving.


Ginny plucks Boo's eyebrows; Sasha is a bitch about it.

Boo: "You're being so uncharacteristically shrewish! Just kidding. Look, I have to look good for Charlie tonight."
Ginny: "Mel, does your brother like Kat von Gross, or Dita von Nasty?"
Melanie: "He likes Neo from The Matrix."
Ginny: "...Never mind."

Once, when I was very young, I was told about a strip club in California called Naked Keanu, where all the girls looked like Keanu Reeves. I would not wish to go there, but I've always taken comfort in the idea that this is more than an urban legend, or a particularly harrowing dream I had. The truth is that human sexuality is a moving target.

Sasha: "My mother loves work, and will thus be getting them out of the house eventually. In the meantime, I'm going to act all horrible."
Melanie: "Cool, I'm going to paint my pinkie a different color from the other ones."
Sasha: "That checks out, sure. You halfwit."

Sasha is summoned downstairs and the young ladies chat about how the dad is in love with a man named Timothy, who is moving out of town. Someone knocks on the door, and the girls all scream their heads off, because they don't know what a door is. Someone named Josh lets himself into the room, and everybody pretends that he's a character on this show.

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