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The Smell Is Me

Michelle: "I don't want them getting attached. I don't teach, you teach."

It gets to a real emotional place -- I mean, this is not a bad show as much as a fetal episode that never grew into a real one -- but even in this situation it's still the actors doing the heavy lifting. The obvious solution, which the show could have been about starting with the second episode, is now right up in their faces: Michelle wants to squat in the yard and not teach, which is dumb, and somehow Fanny knowing that makes up for the fact that Fanny was being just this stupid and obstinate for the first half.

Hubbell's death was brilliant, because it set up a premise and then: Switcheroo. But a month later, the premise is still being dangled and teased and it's dumb, because you're not writing for idiots, you're writing for people who have seen a TV show before. There isn't a person in this country who watches the show week-to-week, and each week wonders whether or not Michelle is going to stay in Paradise.* Why is each episode about still teasing the premise of the TV show? Are we going to end this season with Michelle going, "Well, probably I am leaving Paradise still." Does that sound enjoyable to you? "Remember Season One, with Fanny and Boo? God, that seems like a lifetime ago. Back when Fanny and Boo were on this show and it was about ballet, because it's called Bunheads."

* (It's like when people don't have cell phones on shows, which there's nothing to even say about that besides, like, why don't the people have cell phones on some TV shows? It bugs me even when it's a period piece, at this point. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy would have been exactly ten minutes long if cell phones had existed back then. What a waste the Cold War was. So much unnecessary pain, so many wasted resources, so many totally cute outfits getting shot all to hell. If only they'd had cell phones. But they didn't.)


Calls Boo "Bettina," which is her name I guess -- thanks to her mom "Nanette," which that name just reminded me of a whole part of Gilmore Girls I blocked out, and makes Rico fit into this show a lot better now -- and they have a real eye-to-eye connection apparently, which drives the girls mental: Ginny in a halfhearted way, Melanie in an unconvincing way, and Sasha in a bitchy and off-putting way.

Sasha: "I'm not jealous of Boo!"
Ginny: "I think it's kind of romantic that he is giving her a mix CD."

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