Money For Nothing

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The Smell Is Me

Michelle: "I just want to babble about French fries and Fanny Flowers."
Girls: "Please just leave. We're creeping on Godot."
Michelle: "Oh, that guy? Gross. Can I help? First, can I make an idiotic joke predicated on the fact that his name is Godot, which he is only named for this joke?"
Girls: "Yes, that is how comedy works."

Michelle leaves, but the scene continues.

Sasha: "I'm going to go flirt with Godot and get him to give me an alcoholic drink."
Girls: "No you're not."

She does not. It is kind of a nightmare. A well-actedly awkward horrific mess of a nightmare, which ends with her ordering a "Temple Grandin," which is a thing that does not exist. Horrible Sasha, mortifying herself, with a random Temple Grandin reference This show is just getting straight-up confrontational. I feel Brechted right now.


Godot: "What are you doing?"
Boo: "Jumping in the garbage."
Godot: "Like you're a trash-compactor as your job?"
Boo: "No, that's not a thing."
Godot: "I can barely read, so."

He gives her his shirt so she will smell lovely, like him, instead of like her, who smells like Hoarders. The way he looks -- and speaks -- it's like every member of Jackass got drunk one night and they finally just went for it. Made a baby.


Fanny: "Parents, dancers, students, clients, customers! I just want you to know that everything is free and you can just have anything you want and never pay for it. Even though Chumbawumba broke up, it was not in vain."
Michelle: "Wrong! It is the opposite of that! From now on, if you don't give me money I will hurt your children."

Things continue in this vein. Even if you've ever wondered what it would be like to be truly annoyed by the wonderful Sutton Foster, this scene might answer some questions.


Sure, in the aftermath of Michelle's bullshit -- which involved grabbing women's purses and threatening, as I said, their children -- the parents have gotten restraining orders against her. Sure, that could happen. Anyway, Fanny is not impressed by the fact that Michelle has ruined her business which is already ruined, and Michelle is very apologetic, and the Wu Twins are half off, and Michelle is still not interested in teaching dance. No teaching!

Fanny: "I've seen you with those kids, Michelle. You're a good choreographer, you teach them well, and they like you. They connect with you."

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