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The Smell Is Me

Put up or shut up, but don't just stare it in the face and refuse to think, like some kind of goddamn Fanny Flowers. Is the point that they're both stubborn? Because that's not actually what stubborn people are like, it's what addicts and the mentally ill are like. Totally different behavior. Stubborn would be, "I have a thing I want and I will fight for it." This is like, "What I want is nothing, including to fight for it." The schizoid behavior of a toddler who isn't entirely comfortable with causation as a concept yet.

Parent: "Okay, do you want ice cream or fruit?"
Crazy Person: "No!"
Parent: "No, I said, do you want one thing, or this other thing?"
Crazy Person: "No!"
Parent: "Do you want to teach ballet, or do you want to go quietly crazy and live off possum meat in a woman's yard? Or go back to Las Vegas like you probably should do?"
Crazy Person: "No!"
Parent: "Is this even about your son being dead at this point, or are you just being obnoxious?"
Crazy Person: "No!"
Parent: "Yes, this is almost like a television show in some ways."

Michelle: "Fine, then I will make your students pay currency in exchange for goods and services. And you can take part in what is called the economy."
Fanny: "You know what, or you could be a teacher at the school. A separate problem."
Michelle: "Oh, are we switching places? Now you can grin smugly to yourself while I stonewall you about this other obvious thing."
Fanny: "This would be a lot more satisfying if I hadn't spent the first half of the episode acting insane and stupid for no reason."
Michelle: "You still can! I'm just going to be doing it also."


The three non-Boo girls show up and they are dressed to the nines so they can flirt with Godot. Except for Melanie, who is totally unconvincing at all times and just seems like a girl that wandered onto the lot and they were like, "Do you want to be on a show maybe?"

Sasha: "How do I look?"
Ginny: "Underfed and bitchy."
Sasha: "That's a lot of bosoms showing, for a girl with a ginger boyfriend."
Boo: "Work stresses me out! I'm Boo!"

Michelle: "Little girls, I am having a bad day filled with crazy people who make no sense."
Girls: "You are crazy and you don't make any sense at all."

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