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The Smell Is Me

Fanny: "Yeah, well, like think about Sarah. Some girl named Sarah who exists for the purposes of this scene, whose father has no job, and if she gives up dancing she will start doing crack."
Michelle: "How about we start teaching tap?"
Fanny: "It's so loud, how they tap around all over the place."
Michelle: "[Instantly produces one hundred solid and lucrative ideas.]"
Fanny: "[Slouches around drinking tea and not hearing anything she's saying.]"

See, in a regular TV show like you might see on the TV, there's a problem or a tension, and then it gets resolved, and that's what you call telling a story. People have been doing it for thousands and thousands of years. It nurtures our souls and makes us feel less alone, which is our one duty to one another while on this planet: To show up, to love others, to cross the divide so we're not all brains in jars, and storytelling is the most efficient and powerful way we've learned to do this, in the thousands of years we've been here. We've gotten pretty good at it. Maybe too good. Maybe it's become passé?

Because we're going a little bit of a different way here, where every episode introduces an obvious problem that would never actually happen, with an obvious solution that would take five seconds. But then to create that sense of tension that you would get in a normal story about actual people in a universe that makes any kind of sense, Fanny just acts retarded, which causes Michelle in turn to act retarded, and then maybe it gets solved or maybe it doesn't or maybe we never find out.

Michelle: "Hubbell's not here to save the day anymore. For either of us."
Fanny: "Well, for me. Mostly for you, he's not around to get you drunk and make your choices for you."

Michelle: "Just teach more classes!"
Fanny: "I can't teach more classes!"
Michelle: "Just pay the rent!"
Fanny: "I can't pay the rent!"
Michelle: "Just do like one thing!"
Fanny: "I can't do even one thing! Help me teach the classes so that I don't break my old dumb body teaching so many classes!"
Michelle: "I can't do that!"

Because then she's just literally following in Fanny's footsteps, giving up her dreams -- literally; that recurring nightmare from last week now makes more sense -- to settle in some sleepy town and teach a bunch of girls who will also probably never amount to anything either, and then you're a million years old and flirting with Buddhism, and no thank you. Which, that's a valid complaint -- incredibly insulting, but a star's gotta shine -- except that is what is already happening. Michelle is already such a lazy, broken, undriven person that she is literally camped out in a stranger's yard, and it's like, "Why would I give up all this to contribute to the family I'm creating out of thin air?"

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