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The Smell Is Me

Girls: "Bring us lots of free food on your first day on the job. We don't understand how anything works because we are children, but also because we live in Paradise California, where sometimes up is down and sometimes hats are money."
Girls: "You know how Rico is absolutely the worst? He has a shirtless son named Godot. So."

They talk about that for a while. They get all Fifty Shades about his shirtlessness and Ginny feels weird about Josh and Sasha lusts after Godot in a way that is somehow bitchy and the other one unconvincingly lusts after him in a boring way. Not Boo, though. She is impervious to abs. She probably thinks he should pull his board shorts up over them.


A sassy accountant is bothered by Fanny and how she's ludicrous, but also they don't make any money, and also Hubbell Flowers only left Michelle some amount of money that in some episodes is a shit-ton probably but in this episode, not so much. Turns out that of the 75 dancers at the studio, only nine of them even pay. Fanny is perturbed that Michelle has found out about this most bohemian of her bohemian activities, and Michelle has the swollen brass balls to call bullshit on Fanny's way of doing things.

Michelle, the girl that lives in a bathtub and married her serial killer stalker and now squats with possums, just can't believe how ridiculous Fanny is. Which would be a fairly cool dynamic, or even idea of a show, if we weren't halfway through the season -- first of all -- and second of all, if she were not also a flighty nitwit.


Fanny spends the drive home listening to her iPod, dancing up a storm... And then Michelle figures out that she's not even listening to anything. Just acting like a crazy person. Can you believe it? Well, under the surface old Fanny's having a little bit of a capitalism problem, of course. She's an artist and an educator, you see, and the idea of charging her students money for the services she provides -- much less the looming day when she will not be able to supply those services -- somehow just doesn't compute. I sure hope it takes the entire episode for these people to comprehend the basics of how life works. Maybe Michelle can put on a fake oily mustache and Fanny can dress up like Little Bo Peep and they can do some kind of Punch & Judy olio about it. About how it's 2012 and there's this thing called money that you've been using every single day of your life.

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