It's Not a Mint

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Jeff Long: A- | 1 USERS: B+
Backdraft En Pointe

Bash tells everyone that they can go home. As they are packing, Frankie approaches Ginny and tells her that he will give her drawing lessons...since she told Cozette that she wanted them. Oh yes! She sends thanks to Cozette through Frankie. Bash leaves before sharing the champagne with Michelle. Rude. But then, the hero local firemen walk in. Godot is one of them. And, Michelle still has a condom in her pocket. Looks like another fire is going to get put out. Sorry. I had to do that.

Jeff Long is a writer/performer in Brooklyn. He can be reached at jeff.long75@gmail.com and followed on Twitter at @jblong. His Sissy Spacek in In The Bedroom is pretty special too.

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