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Backdraft En Pointe

Truly and Milly have a moment alone. Milly says that she's fine with never getting married. She has her adopted daughter, Ching Lan, and she doesn't need anyone else. I can't figure out whether or not I believe her. Truly says that she's not giving up. She's getting married. Bash comes into the room after that, but Milly nixes that idea.

Later, when Frankie walks away from his cot, Ginny goes to it and for real sniffs his jacket. Cozette catches it and says that it's pathetic. She tells a story about going on safari in Africa and seeing a half-eaten antelope. It was still alive and no one would do anything, so Cozette took a gun a shot it in the head. She compares Ginny to a half-eaten antelope. If they are going to do the funky layering thing with Cozette's wardrobe, they need to flatter her musculature. She's too pretty a girl to be made to look all bulky like this.

Talia's getting ready. She's gorgeous. Truly and Michelle are dressed too. Everybody's pretty. Talia gets a text from Rick. He broke his ankle and is in the hospital. Michelle says that maybe she should rethink getting married. Talia is insulted because Michelle thinks she shouldn't get married. They argue again about what a Pekingese is and Talia tells her that she's pregnant. Michelle even offers to raise the baby with her. Talia is pissed.

Melanie is taking more pics and Dez points out that she's not using flash anymore. Dez is pretty funny, you know? He says that he thought, if Ginny and Charlie got together, they would have all double-dated. Melanie is like, no. Why not? Because. Dez says that his mother says that because is a word not a reason. Does she have a reason why not? No! She doesn't!

Rick shows up with a Pekingese for Talia. They're getting married. Michelle apologizes but Talia says that she doesn't need to. She was look out for her. They go to get married!

Meanwhile, Ginny is telling the girls that Cozette killed an antelope. Melanie asks if she was being threatened and it gets kinda roller derby for a second. Then, Michelle shows up all serious and throws the condom in front of the girls. The girls just look at it, stunned. Michelle sees what's going on (namely that the girls have no idea where that condom came from) and she silently picks it up and leaves. Sasha at first wonders if she was offering it to them, noting that doing that would have to be a crime. No, Melanie thinks that she thought it was theirs. Boo thought it was a mint. They have a little talk about condoms and how to buy them. Then, Boo says that she is on the pill. No, she's not having sex. Yes, she's on the pill. Her mom put her on it as soon as she found out about Carl. Wow, that's sticky territory. They have agreed not to have sex before senior prom, which a year and a half away. Sasha thinks that not having sex while on the pill is like having a super power and not using it. Dez shows up because he heard there were condoms. They send him away but not before he and Melanie share a look that everyone sees.

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