Inherit The Wind

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An Act Too Often Neglected
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"Come and play with me," proposed the Little Prince. "I am so unhappy."
"I cannot play with you," the Fox said.
"I am not tamed."


It's been quite a few days for relatively likeable ex-showgirl ballet prodigy Michelle Simms: Her stalker married her, moved her to a place called Paradise, left her everything, and then died. In addition to his house and presumably his shoe concern, Michelle's also inherited Hubbell's mother, his own stalker, and a dance studio full of little girls we're still getting to know. Hubbell's mother, Madame Fanny Flowers, is still in mourning, but that doesn't seem to stop her from acting crazy; Michelle herself is as comfortable here as anywhere else, which is to say she's always the same amount of comfortable in her own skin.


Fanny: "I don't understand."
Jerry: "Okay, again. He called me when he was driving you both back from Vegas, and made me put everything in Michelle's name. The will, house, the studio, the seven acres, the car, the other car, insurance, new voter registration, even a subscription to Rolling Stone that will start next month."
Fanny: "I don't understand."
Michelle: "Because we're already halfway through this month."
Fanny: "I understand how a magazine subscription works, Michelle. I just don't understand the rest of it."

Jerry: "Um he called me when he was driving you both back from Vegas, and made me..."
Fanny: "I am losing my shit by inches."
Michelle: "Are we forgetting the part where I was drunk and/or passed out through most of our entire marriage? This is nuts."
Jerry: "No, he was obsessed with getting married -- dressed as a groom every Halloween throughout childhood. Talked a crazy old lady down the street to pose as his bride."
Michelle: "I can identify with that part of the story."

Fanny: "So I'm homeless. Maybe I can move in with the crazy old lady. I heard she keeps her mummified mom in the fridge."
Jerry: "Well, how about: All this was his anyway, and now it's Michelle's. Isn't that comforting? You've never owned anything, so nothing really changes!"
Fanny: "Listen, motherf..."
Michelle: "And that's our cue. Thanks for stopping by, Jerry."

There are a million tick-tocking clocks on the wall behind the women; Michelle grabs a bottle of whiskey and two tumblers, but Fanny's already gone.

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