I'll Be Your Meyer Lansky

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Gangster Dance Squad

Later, at the Oyster Bar, Rose is running trivia night. Michelle shows up in a pretty dress. Truly is all set up with a special trivia-winning luck altar. The girls are there and say that Michelle's there to see Godot. Sasha doesn't seem to like her dress, which is weird. It's a cute dress. Millie, Truly's sister, apparently owns the trivia equipment and tells everyone to not eat while using the machines. She's a pill.

Sam recruits Michelle to be her teammate. Michelle can't even answer the arts questions, so she's feeling kind of dumb. The questions are freaking hard though. I did know that Mary Tyler Moore was in the musical of Breakfast At Tiffany's but only because it was multiple choice. Millie tries to help Truly win by cheating, but she won't accept her help. Michelle goes to the bar and talks to Godot. She tries to joke about being a high school dropout. "Here's to being dumb," she tries to toast to him. He throws his drink out though. He tells her that he has a Masters in Oceanography and is thinking of seeking his PhD. He's unhappy with her. The girls ask her what went wrong but she says it was nothing. Melanie still takes the opportunity to dump Godot out of his chair. She is my vehicular role model. She tells the girls that she just saw red, then he was on the floor.

Michelle finds Eric at the Oyster House and tries to bend his ear about her problems. He tells her that he doesn't care. He has his own problems. That guy is a really good actor. Millie is ruling the place. Michelle sits with her and asks her if she's be interested in buying some of their land. She's actually more interested in the amphitheater idea. She wants to be her partner. This could be fun. To watch. Not to live. Cozette drops by Melanie's table and gives her a flier for a roller derby team. Frankie and Cozette win the trivia night, which is perfect. Truly doesn't like that Michelle is going into business with Millie. She says that Millie gets everything she wants. Michelle says that she didn't get Hubbell, which makes Truly smile.

Later, the girls all go to Sasha's house. She doesn't mention that everything in her house is packed, except Sasha's room. Sasha explains that her parents are moving but says that she's not going. Her mother comes in and asks Ginny and Melanie to leave. Then, she tells Sasha that the moving van is coming the next day. She says she's not moving. She says that Sasha can stay in the house until escrow closes. She's giving up. So, Sasha is on her own. Michelle finds her waiting in the rain at the studio that night. Sasha is bewildered by all of the keys. Michelle's solution is to try to offer the kid booze. Luckily, she doesn't really do that. She tells Sasha that she's got her back.

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