I'll Be Your Meyer Lansky

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Gangster Dance Squad

In the studio, Fanny is calling for Truly. Her store stuff is everywhere. Fanny tells her to clear it so she can teach class. Cozette says that the stuff can stay -- they can make it work. Then, she dances to a classical piece, using all of the racks and stools and whatnot as props. God, I love her. This is shot so beautifully. The girls are not happy though. Cozette even won the studio.

Michelle comes in with some ridiculous story about a squirrel stealing her store and ultimately revealing the best place for an amphitheater. Afterwards, Sasha and the girls tell Michelle that Godot, the hot bartender, is back in Paradise. Michelle says that she doesn't care, but she does ask how he looked. Fanny needs help moving a box and Cozette calls to Frankie who is drawing nearby and speaks to him in sign language asking for help. Melanie says that they are two really hot unicorns. Indeed. Frankie is something ELSE, y'all.

Fanny and Michelle barge in on Eric the Accountant who is in a session with other clients and demand to be heard regarding their amphitheater idea. He proposes that they are going to need a proper business plan to get a loan or funding in general. Through some odd worm hole of cinematic logic, Michelle decides that in order to be Meyer Lansky (the Ben Kingsley type, not the Patrick Dempsey type) she will take a business class.

Melanie corners Charlie's moron friend while he's playing paper football and asks why Charlie got dumped. He didn't do anything. Stacia was just being mean. Melanie is stunned. This is the first she ever heard of Charlie caring about anyone but himself. Uh oh.

So, Michelle enrolls in a business class at the local junior college. When she returns to the studio, she discusses with Fanny the prospect of maybe charging Truly rent. Fanny is not into it. What she should be into is suing the alpaca farmer for all of the rent that he charged the candle dude. Then, Michelle gets a call from the college telling her that she never graduated from high school. She apparently went on a trip to Dollywood and didn't finish the summer school she needed for her high school requirement. There is some background information needed to explain that pathology. I mean, that's crazy.

At school, Ginny tells Melanie about how her dad is planning the same exact wedding with his new wife as he had with her mother. And, her mother is inconsolable. Melanie listens silently. Then, as they pass Stacia at her locker, she reaches out, curls Stacia's ponytail in her hand and throws her to the floor. Win! This is the best moment that has happened on this series. First of all, kudos to that actress who is playing Stacia. She took that fall like a champ. Melanie is so brilliant right here. You see how she didn't even know that she would throw down for her brother but it was obviously always there. And, special mention must go to Ginny. She is SHOCKED by what Melanie does. She hardly looks at Stacia though. Instead, she steps over her and asks Melanie what just happened. Melanie doesn't know. Also, should they go back? No. Soooooooo good. Guys, I've watched this scene at least twelve times now and made like five people watch it with me. It was like Melanie wasn't even interested in engaging Stacia. She just wanted her down on the ground.

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