I'll Be Your Meyer Lansky

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Gangster Dance Squad

Ginny alerts Melanie to a scene that is playing out. Charlie is being dumped by Stacia at his locker. Melanie wants to buy her a pony. Stacia demands Charlie's sweatshirt then throws it away. Charlie slinks to class and Melanie takes a picture of the sweatshirt in the trash. When you are in high school, there is no one that can be more cruel about romantic relationships than your siblings. They are the worst.

Michelle and Fanny are driving home and discussing how they hate their accountant. I mean, what did they expect? Ladies, admit that you were rude. Michelle found him on Yelp, which Fanny says is for people who photograph their food. That's an actually freaking ASTUTE observation that is currently being discussed here. They stop at a roadside stand to buy some candles, all of which Michelle finds hideous but Fanny loves. Michelle realizes that the candle guy is on their land and the alpaca farmer down the street has been charging him rent. Michelle proposes they build an amphitheater to rent to bands and stuff. Like the Delacorte? Sure. And, Fanny would be Joseph Papp? Yes, Michelle says, she would be a low-rent Joseph Papp. I love Fanny, but she's going to have to do a lot to be even a low-rent Joseph Papp. He's the Grandfather of Off-Broadway. Fanny would be the Grandmother of Off-San Andreas Fault. She thinks it's a good idea though. Then, she takes the candles that she wants and says that they are for rent. She also takes a basket, but no one really says anything about that.

The next day, Melanie tries to get Charlie out of bed to drive her to class. She notes that he's listening to "Vampire Doesn't Sparkle Anymore" music. She's so mean. He throws his keys to her and tells her to drive herself even though she's a horrible driver, doesn't have a license and Christopher Walken in Annie Hall is her vehicular role model. She's starting to figure out that he's maybe not OK.

At the dance studio, Ginny and Sasha are looking at the pic of Cozette and noting how people from disparate social groups are hanging together while Cozette was talking. Melanie comes in and hears Ginny say that the breaking up of cliques is defueling society. She is also worried that Cozette is bringing yellow back, which is not her color. Suddenly, Cozette enters trailed by Matisse. She is explaining the history of the artist Matisse, which the girl Matisse apparently does not know. I guess her parents have never spoken to her? How could they not explain that? Wouldn't you be like, "Hey guys, there are a couple of Abbys, Avas and Sophies in my class every year. I'm the only Matisse ever. Kids have a hard time reading it even. What gives?" She just thought that her parents misspelled Melissa. Cozette says that Matisse's grandson was her godfather. She offers to loan her a biography but says that she'll need to give it back seeing as Julian Schnabel's notes are in the margins. First of all, awesome. Second of all, I bet Julian Schnabel hasn't read a book since Dick and Jane. Maybe he was just doodling in that book?

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