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Magic Michelle

That night, Sasha is texting with Roman inside the dance studio. She tells him to "Abort." Eek. Michelle finds her again. She went on her date with Marion, whose name is apparently a joke. They keep saying that John Wayne's original name was Marion. I used to live next to a kid named Marion when I was a kid, so I don't think it's so weird. Michelle asks Sasha if she needs "the talk." She says that she doesn't. Then, there's a noise outside. Sasha insists that she told Roman not to come. Michelle says that it isn't Roman. It's her mom. She tells Sasha that she and her father are divorcing. Her dad is moving in with his boyfriend in San Jose. She is moving to LA. Sasha is supposed to choose between the two places but she refuses, strongly. Her mother just turns and walks away.

Jeff Long is a writer/performer living in Brooklyn. He can be reached at jeff.long75@gmail.com and followed on Twitter at @jblong.

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