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Magic Michelle

The next day, Michelle and Truly are sitting silently at The Oyster House. Michelle tells Truly to take a breath. Millie, the landlord, arrives. It's Liza Weil! Man, I miss her. I also just started watching The West Wing on Netflix and she's on an episode in the first season. And, seriously, she hasn't really aged at all. In fact, she looks maybe a little better right now. Why doesn't she work all of the time? She's fantastic. Anyway, she sees that Michelle is there and says that, if she knew they were bringing friend, she would have brought Leonard. He's just a friend of hers. They do stuff together. Things are tense. Millie is not keen on lowering the rent. Michelle asks if there's maybe a middle ground they could find. Millie says that she will have to consult Leonard, but she is pretty sure the answer is no. Then, things get weird. Millie says something about Truly borrowing money from "mom" to start her store. Truly says that Millie was "mom's" favorite, what with Millie's fancy parties and perfect daughter. Apparently though, the daughter is no longer perfect since Truly gave her a concussion. Michelle has just caught on. These two are sisters. Michelle tells Truly to go to the bar, then she tries to sweet talk Millie who mentions that they have two other sisters ("One's OK. The other's an actress."- WINNER: Best Line of the Episode). These two have a lot of old animosity towards each other. The biggest thing? Truly stole Millie's boyfriend. The "boyfriend"? Hubbell. Uh oh. Michelle doesn't back out gracefully but instead announces that she married Hubbell. "You're the madam?" asks Millie.

At the bar, Michelle tells Truly that they have a game plan. Truly will continue to use her bungalow. AND, Michelle is giving the concussed daughter two years of free tap lessons. Wow, sins of the showgirl.

Later, at the studio, the girls are still obsessed with Frankie and Cosette. Then, they go inside to find Cosette in the midst of a truly special contemporary ballet number. I still remember Jeanine's solo from the finale of her season of So You Think You Can Dance. Beautiful. Something about her extension has such personality. When she finishes, she just walks off and says "Trippy song, huh?" to the girls. Ginny is changing her shoes when a paper airplane lands in her lap. She opens it. It's a drawing of Mad Ludwig's Castle with instructions to "Destroy This." She looks up and sees Frankie upstairs. Smiles. I'm so into that happening.

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