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Magic Michelle

That evening, Michelle gets home to find a party happening in her bungalow. She senses Roman in the bushes and asks him if he knows what's up. He doesn't and she sends him away. Truly is having an open house for her clothing line in the bungalow. Michelle suggests that they meet her landlord at The Oyster House and try to resolve their disagreement and get her store back.

The next day, Boo tells the girls that Carl is thinking about marrying her. Sasha asks her if they are having sex and Boo says that she would know because she would have called her. Sasha is confused, so Boo reminds her that they made a pact in eighth grade to tell each other when they had sex. No one really held onto that as an actual thing except for Boo, who thought it was nice because it made it all seem less scary. Ginny assures her that they will honor the pact. They notice Jeanine having an elaborate picnic on the school lawn. Mitch Alvarado joins her, which is some sort of coup and maybe the last straw for the girls. They insist that Ginny go speak with Frankie and find out what the story is.

Ginny approaches Frankie as he's drawing and says, "Hello Virginia." She asks how he knew her name. He asks how she knew his name. She asks how he knew she knew his name and he says, "I know now." CUTE. She asks what he's drawing and he says that he is throwing it away and won't let her see. She asks where he's from and he says that they moved from Bavaria. Ginny has always wanted to see Mad Ludwig's Castle. He tells her that she will see it soon. Then, she sees his drawing. It's of her and the girls! Then, he walks away. Swoon. Seriously?

Later, Boo and Carl are having dinner at Boo's place. Boo's mom, on a stool because she's still on bed rest, is trying to make paella. She's confused about the recipe though and puts barbecue sauce on everything, to make it brown. Things are not going well, per Boo. Her dad is watching TV. Her brothers are making a lot of noise. Dinner is taking forever. After dinner, Boo's little brother does some sort of cowpoke dance for them while they have dessert. It's kind of amazing, though Boo is not impressed. It ends abruptly and Boo's mom claps and says it's exciting because you never know when it's going to end. Heh. Carl made Bananas Foster for dessert. Apparently, no booze or flambe was involved, because I'm sure they would mention that. When they are doing dishes later, Boo tells Carl that she will marry him, though she wants to finish high school first. She calls herself a loaf of unbaked bread but promises that she will make a good wife. Carl is terrified. He explains that he didn't mean the marriage thing literally. He has to be dramatic to get his mother to listen to him. He thinks it's early to talk about marriage. Duh. She comes off the ledge and they seem happy.

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