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Magic Michelle

The girls are obsessed with the new girl, who apparently speaks multiple languages. Ginny spies the boy playing the piano masterfully and he's CUTE. Later, Jeanine, whose name is apparently Cosette, has changed clothes. Amazing. Boo tells Sasha that the brother's name is Frankie. Sasha feels that they are like Franny and Zooey. Cosette is currently speaking Spanish at her locker. They see Frankie and he has also had a costume change. Boo is feeling faint from how sophisticated the siblings are when Cosette, leaving her locker, does a turn and sheds her skirt, revealing a new skirt. Boo says that only happens in the movies. It also happens in Paradise.

Later, Michelle is at The Oyster House. Boo tells her that she should try the fried chicken because they just changed the grease. Michelle says she likes the old grease because it has Wessonality. We're going to just leave that alone. Michelle shows Boo the fuzzy picture of Marion. That's really a bad picture, apparently. No one can figure out what's happening. She explains that she doesn't really want to go on a blind date, but she doesn't meet enough people. Boo tells her that she is supposed to meet Carl's parents. Michelle tells her not to go. Since that's not an option, she tells her to say whatever it is that she thinks Carl's parents want her to say. Plus, she says that things will go south at the 90 minute mark and she should make a hasty exit. Worst advice ever.

That night, Boo is with Carl and his parents at a Chinese restaurant. Carl's dad is complaining because Carl's mom, Sweetie, is ordering too much for the table. That's just what she does. Every question she asks Boo, she tries to answer as she thinks Sweetie wants. It makes for some pretty awkward conversation. Sweetie is played by Alex Borstein though and she's fantastic. She asks Boo who her favorite ballerina is and Boo doesn't know what to say, so Sweetie suggests Gelsey Kirkland. Boo says yes. Sweetie says Gelsey Kirkland had terrible cocaine problem, so Boo says no. It's ugly. Then, her alarm goes off. It has been 90 minutes. She goes to the bathroom and hears them talking. Her mom, naturally, is like what the hell's up with that girl. Carl says that he likes her and could MARRY HER. Wha? Geez, my mom would have locked me in a room and slipped my Chinese food under the door if I was talking about marriage at 17. I was talking about revivals of Sunday in the Park with George though, so she had a different set of worries.

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