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Magic Michelle

Boo starts to list the things that she was going to do to prepare for Carl's return (hair, nails, fancy bath) when she stops. Matisse, one of the little girl ballerinas, asks if she was going to mention bathing suit area grooming. Boo is scandalized. She asks for help choosing between two dresses and Sasha comes in and assists. She asks Melanie if she's well -- she's not a big reader. Who starts reading when they start to feel ill? Melanie is waiting for the appearance of a whale, which Sasha assures her does not happen in The Great Gatsby.

Boo is about to leave and Ginny wants to know what Boo was going to say when she stopped reciting her grooming list. She whispers that she is planning on shaving above the knee. Ginny just pats her head and says, "Oh Boo." Boo is walking through the studio when Carl stops her! He got home even earlier. Instead of being happy, she's mortified that he's seeing her in this state. She insists that he not look at her and says that she smells bad, but he keeps telling her that she's being silly. I think he got taller? He finally gets a kiss out of her. She assures him that she was faithful while he was gone, though she did see Magic Mike twice. He's fine with that because, yes, Channing Tatum is a fine actor. That won't be a joke forever, mark my words. He reminds her that she agreed to have dinner with his parents. Then, in honor of The Hunger Games, he gives her some arrows and a bow that he carved. Super cute. She's thrilled.

Michelle is looking at her phone when Boo runs past her. She is just noticing when Truly starts calling her for help. She's at Michelle's bungalow and is holding a bunch of clothes from her store. Her landlord changed the locks on her store. Apparently, Truly does not have a lease. And, she stopped paying. She says that the landlord raised her rent so much that she threw her lease into a fire. And, she had to go to an Irish pub and use their fireplace. Michelle says that they will figure it out. In the meantime, Michelle will make some room in her armoire for Truly's clothes.

At the high school, the girls are together when they witness the arrival two new kids on a Vespa. The girl is gorgeous and so is the boy. The girl is Jeanine from So You Think You Can Dance! And, she's carrying a bouquet of flowers and they have no idea why. Meanwhile, Truly wakes Michelle up because she has a customer who would like to look at her clothes. Michelle lets her in. Truly asks that Michelle not speak and when the customer asks for coffee, Michelle obliges.

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