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Magic Michelle
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We open with Michelle leading her adult tap class. She jumps in to show them how it's done, though they really aren't so bad on their own. When they finish, it's the end of class and Michelle makes some crack about how the ghost of Donald O'Connor is smiling on them. This old lady, Maybin, because the baby naming books in Paradise have always been weird or a little literal (Truly? Boo!), comes up to Michelle and tells her that she must never utter Donald O'Connor's name. Never! One of the younger adults is nearby and when Michelle asks her what the big deal with Maven is, she asks if Michelle asked about Donald O'Connor. He's a sore spot apparently. This lady asks when the adult tap class is having a recital. They aren't, because they aren't kids and don't have a built-in audience. This lady suggests that they do something else special, like a tap dance flash mob. Hint: all the people walking around and towards their destination in taps would make it less of a flash mob and more like a nightmare. Before she leaves, Michelle asks the lady what the big deal with Donald O'Connor is. She's not sure but Fiorello LaGuardia and Bob Barker are also sensitive subjects.

Michelle locks up the studio and turns the lights out and leaves. The lights immediately come back on. She looks back inside and it's Sasha. She weirdly tells some tale about how she didn't get some step they learned earlier that day and she wanted to work on it. Michelle asks if her parents are still fighting. It doesn't sound good. She tells Sasha that she is proud of her and if she ever needs anyone to talk to, she's there. Then, she asks if Roman is outside. He is. She calls for him. He enters and asks if he's getting taller. Maybe. She tells Sasha that she has done everything that she has done and knows everything. Then, Roman asks if he can leave. For all the sneaking around he does, he knows when to exit.

The next day, the dancers are doing partner work in ballet. It gets worse and worse. She suggests that they do it over again and one of the boys cries, "Come on!" Fine, class is over. All of the boys walk off without speaking to Michelle. Maybe this is because they didn't have a budget for that many talkers for this episode? It seems odd that they are so upset with Michelle. Aren't they supposed to direct their anger at the girls. Those eating disorders aren't going to just create themselves.

Michelle gets a call from Talia. She tells Michelle to open an email on her phone. It's a fuzzy photo of a guy named Marion. He's a friend of Rick's, he's coming to the Paradise area and Talia has set up a date. Michelle is skeptical but Talia persists. In the dressing room, Boo is freaking out because Carl is coming home early and she had planned his homecoming perfectly. Meanwhile, Melanie is reading The Great Gatsby and not understanding it. Ginny is no help. Really? That book is not especially rigorous reading, at least not in a linear sense. Devices and whatnot, there's a lot of stuff there, but it's not difficult to realize that George Wilson is Myrtle's husband instead of his brother, which is a question that Myrtle has. They should have gone with Faulkner. I read it the same year and that shiz is still a freaking Rubik's cube. Ginny impresses to Boo that Carl coming home early to be with Boo is actually a sweet thing.

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