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You ready? I said, You Ready?! I wanna hear you SCREAM! YEAH! LET'S BUNHEAD!


Sasha's losing her mind in a fairly obvious way, but unluckily all of the adults around her have it even less together than she does. Boo's mother Nanette is now outsourcing her gross feeder tactics to anybody, including grown-ass women like Michelle. Fanny's finally coming back to town after a two-week hiatus intended to get Michelle stuck teaching at the ballet school, even though Fanny simultaneously doesn't even want her there. Michelle, Truly and Boo are all trainwrecks. It was, and continues to be, the weirdest show ever to air on television, with the very most words per square inch and a disinterest in reality bordering on the imperious.


Ginny and Melanie, those irrepressible cyphers, are chillin' on the back steps to the dressing room playing with their phones before class.

Melanie: "God, we are helicoptered and overscheduled. First ballet, now a leadership conference at school."
Ginny: "I know it well. Pete from Pete's Pizza gives a rousing speech on the meaning of punctuality."

Boo: "No big deal, just continuing to look amazing. Hey, I brought these flowers for Fanny. Fanny Flowers for Fanny Flowers."
Bunheads: "Clearly they are from the freeway. Look at all that baby's breath! Parsley of the flower world. Christ, you're poor."
Boo: "Isn't it the thought that counts?"
Bunheads: "Did you mom shove that crap into your face? Along with snacks?"

Bunheads: "Once a girl brought Fanny Flowers Fanny Flowers with too much baby's breath and Fanny trained dogs to murder her entire family."
Random Bunhead: "I brought Fanny Flowers Fanny Flowers! From a grocery store."

...And scene. Gettin' right in there, I see. Without so much as a la-la-la.


Michelle is foraging once again. But the kitchen contains a surprise this morning: a black man!

Michelle: "What are you doing here?"
Black Man: "Here in this kitchen? Or in Paradise?"
Michelle: "On this show!"
Black Man: "Fanny hides her seasonings behind the sandwich bags. So now you know. I'm going to make eggs with cayenne pepper, and then I'm going to eat them."
Michelle: "This is the weirdest robbery. Why are you wearing a dressing gown, Black Man?"

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