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How A Young Lady Should Do Things
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Joffrey's School of Ballet auditions for their summer program have been an ongoing threat since Michelle arrived in town; that day has finally come. Boo is excited about tryouts, has a complicated relationship with her mother and food, and is currently fighting with Sasha. The other two aren't even in this episode, but Boo gives you plenty to work with.


A moving truck arrives from Vegas, with not only all of Michelle's belongings but also, it would seem, double that amount of other things. A familiar feeling, when you're moving -- especially into a smaller place, like the guesthouse -- which is why I always try to get rid of half of my stuff whenever I move. The moving guys aren't interested in Michelle's mess -- kind of a theme in this episode, actually -- but that doesn't stop her from talking, talking, talking.

Michelle: "You want a little backstory?"
Dude: "To tell you the truth, I really don't?"
Michelle: "See, I had to leave Vegas in a hurry. I wasn't running from the law or anything. I just bolted really quickly and left all my stuff in my apartment, so I made a deal with the landlord to ship it. Only he threw in stuff that isn't even mine..."

It goes on like this for a while. There's a buffet and a grandfather clock and a chesterfield and a credenza and a big old sombrero and whatever. Baggage? Little lady's got baggage.

Into this mess comes Fanny Flowers, who is all abuzz about the grounds: All about planting flowers and things. Nothing to stick around forever, just long enough for the auditions. To be looked at; to be seen.

Fanny: "...And what's going on here?"
Michelle: "I'm being robbed! In reverse!"

The men and Michelle follow Fanny into the studio, where the barres are loose and the speakers are staticky, and the new mirror needs to go up, and "get all that stuff out of there," she says, offhand, in such a way that Michelle doesn't realize she's even talking to her.

Michelle: "Yes, but..."
Fanny: "No buts. Was it on the manifest?"
Michelle: "...Yes, but it's not even mine! The grandfather clock has an actual cutout in the back, like Clemenza used it to stash a gun for Michael to shoot the police chief with..."
Fanny: "Hold up, what?"
Michelle: "Like in The Godfather?"
Fanny: "Oh my God, how long did I tune you out, that you went all the way there?"

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