A Nutcracker In Paradise

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Maybe This Time

Sasha: "Let's try and fail to discuss that."
Tyler: "Done. And now cheerleading, same thing."
Sasha: "As soon as I realized V-I-C-T-O-R-Y and their first names were all they could actually spell, I was outta there."

I guess it qualifies as a meet-cute; it certainly does on this show, especially once she gets him to push the busboy's cart back so she's back stuffed between it and the counter, still wearing a nightgown and ribbons in her hair.


And Michelle does some clever-talking that is neither clever nor really talking, and he tells her he's going to Australia for a while? How long? Don't ask Godot. He is free as the wind. He kisses her in the middle of everything, and people stare, and then they just kind of make out in front of everybody. I don't get it.


Fanny screams at a girl I'm guessing is Ray-Ray about how boring her duet is with the other dancer of color, and then immediately cuts the number and gives Ray-Ray the Chinese Dance. Such is the way.

Ringer: "I don't understand pop culture references, cheerleader!"
Sasha: "You bug me! All the different ways!"

Ginny harangues the one girl that looks like blonde Melanie about the details of her Charlie situation, and elsewhere Sasha watches Boo dance. She and the Ringer both appreciate her dancing, which is sweet and neat that she doesn't hear them discussing her, and then the Ringer mentions how sometimes people put ground glass in their rival's shoes. Fanny cuts another Ray-Ray number, yells at Boo to bring her the tiny fan and fan her tinily, and then cuts Ray-Ray once again. Take that, Shonda! Boo figures out that Fanny is pissed, but not about the Michael part -- which we still don't know what happened, if there was more to it -- but which either way is the most strange part, because this is only the second or third time Ray-Ray has ever been on the show and now... You see what I'm saying?


Ginny: "Maybe it's too soon to think about prom since it's still a couple years off but forming a perfect prom-night potential-sex contingency plan takes time, it's a delicate matter. Now, assuming we haven't consummated the relationship yet a gentle but definitive No message has to be delivered in a way that doesn't make him feel like less of a man. However, if the deed has been done already then you have to make sure he doesn't take you to a cheap dump just because you've already given it up..."

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