A Nutcracker In Paradise

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Maybe This Time

Fanny: "He's never even owned a house, or a car, or... He even rented his tux for gigs, he said he didn't want to have Things. Now he wants Things, Things in Montana."

Michelle wants Things, too. She didn't know it until she met Fanny, but it's there. It's looking you right in the face. All the Things. At some point it's about believing you are worth them.

Charlie's Cute Buddy: "Melanie, I guess we should date? Since Charlie and Ginny... I mean, wouldn't it be easier and stuff? We're all always in the car, and..."
Melanie: (One unceasing scream.)

Ginny somehow manages to split Charlie's lip going in for a kiss, and goes running after Melanie. Love! Can be dangerous!

Michelle: "Michael..."
Michael: "Um, you're intelligent, very thin, and you have excellent hair..."
Michelle: "I need to talk about Montana. You bought land there?"
Michael: "Five acres. Not a lot, but enough to build a house ... maybe a recording studio out back... One snowstorm and we could be talking about the last fifteen minutes of The Shining. But I'm hoping for the best."
Michelle: "And Fanny? Does she get to be your Shelley Duvall?"
Michael: "Like I would hunt her down with an axe?"
Michelle: "On this show, who knows?"

Michelle: "My point is that Fanny thought Montana was ... about both of you."
Michael: "Fanny? In Montana? Come on..."
Michelle: "She found a cabin for the summer, I was going to take over the dance studio... It was a surprise. I thought you were going to settle down. And I'm sorry to butt in, but you know Fanny. She's so stubborn, and..."
Michael: "-- I understand. And I appreciate the information."

Her beautiful face, overjoyed and proud and so full of love for Fanny. You can see how she doesn't hear it, when he excuses himself to make a call. She buys him a drink, for when he comes back.


Is discovered hiding between a bar and a cart by one of the cater-waiters, a young fella named Tyler that looks like the entire cast of The Lying Game at once, at whom she hisses in a very Sasha way.

Sasha: "That's my hiding place! I'm hiding from the Toe-Shoe Terminator! She's mental! She's lethal! She's pirouetting!"
Tyler: "I know you. You're a cheerleader. I play basketball."

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