A Nutcracker In Paradise

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Maybe This Time

Sasha: "I don't know, do machines feel?"
Fanny: "Ah! You tell her. Yes! As part of your punishment, you go over there and tell her she's not Clara."
Sasha: "Are you... Afraid of her?"
Fanny: "No! This is a life lesson!"

There's a very canny moment in which you can actually see Sasha rising to the occasion, like it's a dare, and that even though she knows Fanny's scared of the Ringer and this whole thing is bullshit, she's damned certain she's not going to show fear in front of Madam Fanny. See, and in a regular Bunheads scenario this part -- where Fanny makes a mad dash for the door in case the Ringer goes insane -- would be the part where you're like, "That joke died and you keep flogging it," but for some reason the pace and tone are just right where the silliness is secondary to the hilarious visual of Fanny's ass scooting the hell out of there. Sasha steels herself for the confrontation.

Sasha: "I'm Sasha. Here is a Red Shoes joke about how scary you are."
Ringer: "I don't understand jokes. I wrap my feet in cellophane so the blood doesn't soak through."
Sasha: "Jesus. Anyway, you got shipped down here Coppelia-style..."
Ringer: "-- To play Clara. Yes. My body is ready."
Sasha: "Well, that's the thing. You're replacing me, but I am here, so..."
Ringer: "And where is it that you've been?"
Sasha: "Cheerleading, it was a whole thing. I had a tan line and blue hair. It was a very confusing time for us all."

The really intense part of this, besides her nonstop movement and Olympic level craziness, is the way she keeps using Sasha's body as a barre. Never pushing or shoving her, exactly, just using her to balance. It is a very effective technique.

Ringer: "Machines don't feel. Your kind... You got into ballet for the tutus..."
Sasha: "No, I did not. It was genetics..."
Ringer: "...Suddenly there's boys, and clothes, and... Cheerleading..."
Sasha: "Bitch, you don't know me. Whatever, you can have any other part, Fanny said. Could you stop dancing for like one second?"
Ringer: "Oh, I'll stop dancing. When I'm taking my bow, as the Clara of Paradise."
Sasha: "I don't know whether to make out with you or run straight through the wall away from you, leaving a Sasha-shaped hole."


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