A Nutcracker In Paradise

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Maybe This Time

Michelle: "I, uh, needed someone to stand in for Clara, since we still don't have a Clara, so there's a temp in there..."
Fanny: "Terrific, you can dictate your resignation letter to her afterwards."

But it's not a temp, it's Clara. It's Sasha. Fanny stares, without speaking, and Michelle directs them to do the thing. And it's awesome. Fanny just stares, maybe gets a little misty. She doesn't speak for a good while. But she loves it.


Michelle and Fanny pass Chinese takeout back and forth, easily and breezily, as they go over the last minute things. Michelle pretends not to remember Fanny asking her to organize a fundraiser, and then giggles once she's freaked her out. They seem like family.

Fanny, tenderly: "You're pretty proud of yourself, aren't you?"

She asks, a bit quietly, what Michelle would think about running the place, alone. Not forever, just for a couple of months. Seems Michael has romantic ideas about Montana, and wants to whisk Fanny away. And Fanny wants to be whisked.

Fanny: "I found this wonderful cabin... Very rustic, but completely comfortable..."
Michelle: "So romantic! I'd be happy to take over, while you hang in the mountains with your boyfriend."
(Beat, during which Fanny graciously accepts.)
Michelle: "Which one of you is going to be Heath Ledger?"
Fanny: "You always end the conversation one sentence too late."


Appears: A talented, never-still, intense young lady that Fanny called in, once Sasha's emotional extortion had her in a full panic.

Fanny: "I had her shipped down from San Francisco."
Michelle: "What's her name?"
Fanny: "I don't know her name, she's always just been called the Ringer. What am I going to do? She's terrifying!"
Michelle: "If Marvel Comics had a crime-fighting ballerina, this ballerina would kick that ballerina's ass."
The Ringer: "You're talking."

They both go silent and still, afraid of the Ringer and what she'll do. Eventually, feeling the heat, Michelle bounces -- "Good luck, cowboy!" -- and the Ringer turns her ire on Fanny. It's great, this whole thing is just great. She does ballet reading a magazine, and then snaps it shut: "BREAK'S OVER!" It truly is terrifying. She's like the Paris Gellar of this scene.

Up on the balcony, the Bunheads watch in fear and fascination before heading into the dressing room.

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