A Nutcracker In Paradise

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Maybe This Time

Afraid to cry, Fanny leaves Michelle to feel blind and terrible. She knows how she sounds. She knows what she said.


She dances for them, walks in and smiles in the dark; she gives her music to the pianist and dances for them. Maybe this time I'll be lucky, she sings. Maybe this time, for the first time... I'll be home at last.

Michelle, again: "Hello? What did you think?"
Hubbell: "...Wow."

It's a dream, so she's not surprised, or sad. It's like he's just been around the corner. Her smile comes bright. "Where have you been?" She tells him everything's the same as he left it. Everything in its right place. "I've tried really hard not to rock the boat," she lies, and he smiles.

Hubbell: "You're here to rock the boat. You know she always wanted me to dance?"
Michelle: "Amazing."
Hubbell: "She would've liked a girl."

They're in the living room, now, among all the Things, Fanny's bricabrac; they're broken. A table full of ceramic frogs, different sizes and shapes. Some more suited to it than others. Some less beautiful. Some with bigger thighs, or breasts.

Michelle: "I'm doing it again. I'm ruining everything..."
Hubbell: "You can fix it."
Michelle: "I don't even know that I'm doing it!"
Hubbell: "I need glue."
Michelle: "You're my glue."
Hubbell: "These four are fine."

Back in the studio, in different outfits now. "I was supposed to take care of them. I was supposed to help them. I was supposed to be better, for them... I don't want them to be like me." The sound keeps changing, and the light. "Everything is different," he says. The girls dance, in silhouette. "You should look around."

She misses him. There was a part of her that she didn't know about. Everything is different. "Would it have worked?" she asks. "Would I have stayed?" He kisses her hand, and she wakes up again.


It was pretty weird, but not the weirdest thing. Certainly not that out of line, given what we've seen this show is capable of pulling. I kind of liked it. She wakes into hell, though, everybody screaming, the parents all over Fanny. Demanding that Michelle -- this is the worst part -- be kept away from their kids. She fucked Godot at the fundraiser, they're saying. She damaged their children. She was supposed to be better.

Sasha sees her leaving, her wounded face, and leads the charge. They stand on their chairs, up and down the line, half of them bewildered. "O Captain, my Captain!" they shout. It breaks her heart, it makes her cry. She leaves anyway. She thanks them, and she leaves. She was always going to leave.

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