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Wild At Heart

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Wild At Heart

Willow enters Oz's room and sees that he's packing his clothes into a duffel bag. They stare sadly at each other, and she asks what he's doing. Oz explains that he's leaving, and stuffs more clothes into the bag. "That's your solution?" asks Willow with a measure of disgust. "Don't I get any say in this?" Oz says no. I think he was going to leave without telling her, and now he's acting cold to her, and I think he's being a big jerk. Ummm, you're the one who fucked up, Oz. Throw Willow a bone! He turns to her and explains that "the wolf is inside me all the time," and that he needs to not be around anyone until he can figure out where the line is between him and the wolf. "Well, that could be a problem, 'cause people -- kind of a planetary epidemic," says Willow, choking up. Oz explains that he'll find someplace deserted and that he's not sure how long he'll be gone. Willow is in obvious anguish as she begins to cry, asking, "Oz, don't you love me?" I begin to cry here as well, kids. He finally looks directly at her as he says, "My whole life, I've never loved anything else." How romantic. Kinda twisted, but still romantic. He comes to Willow and presses his forehead against hers as they both cry. Then he kisses her gently, grabs his bag, and leaves the house. Willow cries. Oz strides stoically to his van, tosses the bag in, and puts the key in the ignition. He then pauses and looks as if the act of leaving Willow is causing him physical pain. He looks back towards the house, then turns the key and drives the van away. I sob and my nose runs.

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